Monday, February 27, 2017

Safari Run 2017 & Marina Run 2017

The races started for 2017! In a span of a week, I participated in both Safari Run 2017 & Marina Run 2017.

Safari Run was pretty memorable, since this is the first official 10km race my wife joined me in running. She has never ran in an organised race longer than a 7km route. Thanks to sponsored tickets, we were able to do so as a couple.

 2017-02-18 06.29.17

Waking up at 5am, reaching Singapore Zoo at 6am, I have to thank my wife for being the best recreational companion for me. The route was simple, 2 rounds around the park, roads were pretty clear and wide. Kless commented that the animal poop ranked by smelliest were – deer, rhino, elephant. I guessed that was what motivated her to run faster and get our of the place as soon as possible.

Water points were adequate and well planned. We had a great run, especially not all the time we get to run a scenic venue like the Singapore Zoo. Companionship played a great part too. Looking forward to more runs with my wife!

2017-02-18 08.33.58


I did my 3rd Half Marathon since last August at this year’s Marina Run 2017.

2017-02-25 17.18.48

Not fully prepared even though I have been running quite frequently. I think my muscles are quite tensed and tight. The first 5km was tough, as my left shin was feeling the pain (fingers-crossed that it is not splints), probably just some muscle swelling. Other thing I did wrongly was not to eat a light dinner before the run. I was afraid of stomach upset cos the few days before the run, I was suffering from stomach flu. Reminder to stock up some energy bars.

2017-02-25 18.28.46

By the way, it was my first run with the 2XU MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping) tights. Feels good and it really provide a considerable amount of compression around the calf and quads area, reducing muscle oscillation and damage. A great investment for running.

This is my first time running in Marina Run, and also my first time running along the long East Coast Park stretch (gave me a good preview of what to expect for my Full Marathon with SCM2017).

First up, the baggage drop was relatively small with only 2 counters for Men’s 21km runners. And the young staff were not exactly friendly, when I was collecting my bag after the race, standing there for 5mins pointing out my bib number for collection, they simply ignored me until I seriously thought I was transparent. Maybe it’s good to have some more senior staff to be around, especially after a run, runners tend to be tired and running out of patience. Or maybe it’s just me.

Secondly, the isotonic drinks available at certain points were super diluted. I was reminded of my army days when we were given “colored water”. No taste just color.

Thirdly, and probably the most amusing part, along the ECP stretch, some parts were really dark, but there were no traffic marshals to guide the runners, especially when the tracks were not fully closed off (public users are running, cycling, rollerblading all over the same tracks). Then when I passed by a very bright stretch, I saw one of the traffic marshals standing under the lamp post with his traffic guiding stick. What for? And the road marshals were not enough, a few occasions I saw some runners squatting by the road sides trying to catch their breath. Can the organisers please look into this?

Having say all, not all was bad. I have always enjoyed running at the Marina area, the view and the breeze makes the run that extra enjoyable.

2017-02-25 21.55.48

So after 2:22:56 (my second best timing), I crossed the finishing line with pride once again. Not about the timing, but every race is a race to prove that I am a finisher. Never give up!

2017-02-25 21.56.16

Next race will be Sundown Marathon! Another Half Marathon waiting for me. I need to strengthen my leg muscles for this!

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