Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold Stone @ OC

When Kless and I were in Taipei a few years back, we came across this outlet selling ice-cream. The staff will mix the ice cream and toppings on a cold stone. Very interesting. We thought it would be quite an idea to have it in Singapore too. But all words but no actions. Now, in Singapore we have the first Cold Stone shop at Orchard Central.

The creations are plenty to choose from. You can also DIY your own creation. Be creative!

Ice cream is Joey’s favourite anytime of the year. I have a mission, to bring her to all the ice cream shops in Singapore to try the different ice creams. Her smile is worth every dime we spent.


Jayne is catching up on the same interest too =)


Try it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello, I’m Jayne!

Its so happy to see this ‘Hello’ sign in Hall 603.

Someone commented that we take a lot of photos, but how can you resist with such adorable model?

Jayne is approaching 2 years soon. I am constantly reminding myself to treasure this few months or a year at most, before she starts to attend N1. By then, she will have new friends and her world would have enlarged, no longer just filled with mama and papa.

On one hand, I wish Jayne can be like Joey, able to feed herself, bathe, sleep, etc.. but on the other hand, I wish Jayne to be that cuddly little baby who will always grab onto my legs whenever I come home from work.

Dilemma of a father….


Friday, March 25, 2011

JB Pasar Malam @ KSL City Mall

Those who follow my wife’s blog, this is not too different from hers.

Like how a friend described KSL Pasar Malam, it’s like Taipei’s Shilin Night Market or Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market, but Malaysia style.

Stall-owners will start to set up around 4pm but the entire street will only come to live around 7pm. From the way we see it, most of the stalls are probably setup by the house owners in front of their terrace houses. Such a convenient way to do business.


What can you find at the Pasar Malam?

Fruits – durians, mangoes, guavas, pineapples, jackfruits, etc..



Food – carrot cake, fried rice, kuehs, roast chickens / ducks, desserts, etc..






Wet market – yong tau fu, seafood, meat, vegetables, etc..




Others – pet fishes, clothing, etc..



But one word of advice for parents, if you are bringing kids like Jayne (less than 4 years old) be prepared to carry them most of the time and you may end up like me, not able to spend more time eating or buying from the stalls. Which is why, I will be going back to Pasar Malam without the kids. I want to try all the snacks, buy a few bermuda shorts or t-shirts…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Day @ Suntec (Part 2)

If you have not attended service last week, then you have to really try to make it this coming week. We are located at Suntec Singapore Hall 601-602. An amazing picture painted by Erika, a sand artist.


Besides the main halls, at Hall 603 we have the Members’ Lounge. If you are early for service, do drop by to check out the various ministry booths too.

Photo gallery to showcase our in-house photographers’ work.


The Children Playground is also bigger than before. Blessed kids!


Different ministry booths will explain to you what happens in Church and how can you be more involved.

And that is me with my colleagues, always ready to help =)


In CHC, we welcome you! Come and join us for a fun and life-changing time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Day @ Suntec

This weekend marked the start of A New Day for CHC. And I am so proud to be part of this history making day!

41A Amber Road


Suntec City


This August will mark the 10th year for us in this awesome church, and we have not regretted a single day making that decision to be planted here. This is where I got married to Kless, this is where I fulfil my dream to be a full-time worker, this is where I have forged close friendships, this is where I was trained to be a leader, this is MY HOUSE!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can She Be A Model?

Jayne has so many different expressions, I wonder will she grow up to be a model in future? You be the judge.

The cheeky look


The haughty look


The demure look


The feisty look


Formal wear


Casual wear


Swimsuit wear

Monday, March 14, 2011

JB Trip – KSL City Mall

For us staying in Woodlands has one major advantage. It’s faster for us to cross the causeway into JB than going to Orchard =)

I have heard so much about this new mall in JB. Colleagues in my office have been recommending it. It is better than City Square. Especially on a monday night the pasar malam just outside KSL City Mall is crowded with people and all you need or want to find.

KSL was officially opened in Dec 2010. The location is located at Taman Century near to Holiday Plaza shopping mall and Plaza Pelangi shopping mall. The mall is situated next to the Mutiara Hotel, a 4-star hotel with swimming pool and gym. The MBO cinemas are also located in KSL. There are ample car park lots, a total of 2800 indoor lots for the shoppers.

Lot 11798, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru


We brought the girls in last saturday. With a bit of traffic, we reached our destination in 40 mins time, just in time for lunch. There are so many restaurant to choose from. Japanese Shabu Shabu, HK Cafe, Homemake Noodles, Seoul Garden, Taiwanese Snacks, and more.. Our choice of the day…

Sambal Chicken Noodle


Curry Chicken 面粉馃


And yes, they serve the super nice 3-layer tea too!


Jayne was running all over the place and these are probably the only 2 moments she is quiet and made it possible for taking photos.



KSL is indeed a nice place. I guess it’s bye bye City Square and hello KSL in future… =)

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Little Builder

A child’s education starts at home, and teaching kids at home can be a very rewarding experience. A child learns what the parents think he should know, thus it is very important for for parents to maintain an open mind to all sources of info and ideas.

How can we use building blocks to teach our children?


When your child looks immersed in block-building, do not interrupt them. Her creativity is let loosed and the more time she is given to figure out which blocks to connect or pile up, the more she is learning. To a child, it looks like she is the ruler of her own dominion and as such exercising her right to explore and learn.


As parents we can participate in her learning too. Begin by asking her to count the number of blocks.


Exchange the blocks with her. Get her to trade 1 of her blue blocks for your yellow blocks. This will give her the first taste of social skills.


Allow her to stack up the blocks till it topples. This will teach her about science, gravitational pull & balance.



Most of all, have fun!