Friday, March 11, 2011

The Little Builder

A child’s education starts at home, and teaching kids at home can be a very rewarding experience. A child learns what the parents think he should know, thus it is very important for for parents to maintain an open mind to all sources of info and ideas.

How can we use building blocks to teach our children?


When your child looks immersed in block-building, do not interrupt them. Her creativity is let loosed and the more time she is given to figure out which blocks to connect or pile up, the more she is learning. To a child, it looks like she is the ruler of her own dominion and as such exercising her right to explore and learn.


As parents we can participate in her learning too. Begin by asking her to count the number of blocks.


Exchange the blocks with her. Get her to trade 1 of her blue blocks for your yellow blocks. This will give her the first taste of social skills.


Allow her to stack up the blocks till it topples. This will teach her about science, gravitational pull & balance.



Most of all, have fun!


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