Monday, March 14, 2011

JB Trip – KSL City Mall

For us staying in Woodlands has one major advantage. It’s faster for us to cross the causeway into JB than going to Orchard =)

I have heard so much about this new mall in JB. Colleagues in my office have been recommending it. It is better than City Square. Especially on a monday night the pasar malam just outside KSL City Mall is crowded with people and all you need or want to find.

KSL was officially opened in Dec 2010. The location is located at Taman Century near to Holiday Plaza shopping mall and Plaza Pelangi shopping mall. The mall is situated next to the Mutiara Hotel, a 4-star hotel with swimming pool and gym. The MBO cinemas are also located in KSL. There are ample car park lots, a total of 2800 indoor lots for the shoppers.

Lot 11798, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru


We brought the girls in last saturday. With a bit of traffic, we reached our destination in 40 mins time, just in time for lunch. There are so many restaurant to choose from. Japanese Shabu Shabu, HK Cafe, Homemake Noodles, Seoul Garden, Taiwanese Snacks, and more.. Our choice of the day…

Sambal Chicken Noodle


Curry Chicken 面粉馃


And yes, they serve the super nice 3-layer tea too!


Jayne was running all over the place and these are probably the only 2 moments she is quiet and made it possible for taking photos.



KSL is indeed a nice place. I guess it’s bye bye City Square and hello KSL in future… =)

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