Wednesday, March 6, 2019

International Women’s Day - A Time to Love the Ladies

As we approach the International Women’s Day (8 Mar), it is befitting to celebrate the women in our lives and shower them with some love! What better gift than flowers? And furthermore, teddy bear flowers!! (double win)
Thanks to Little Flower Hut to send us this extremely cute and pretty Teddy Bear series bouquet!

It’s almost like Christmas when we reached home to see this huge surprise sitting on our floor.

It makes a nice decoration piece for the house!

Most guys will agree with me that going to a florist to choose flowers, showing our ignorant side (lack of knowledge of flower types), is not one of the things we would enjoy to do. So when it comes to online ordering and delivery of flowers, we tend to look for the best deals and fast delivery.
Little Flower Hut provides both a wide range of flowers to choose from and same day delivery (order by 4pm), making sure even if we missed out of preparing a bouquet for that special event, we won’t be late.

Talking about International Women’s Day, it is a day to celebrate women’s right. Although like the Chinese date would suggest (三八妇女节), I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate and thank the women/ladies in my life.

As many would know, I live with a house full of women. My wife, my 2 daughters and my mother. It is hard not to find them “nagging” much, but it is hard to find me being appreciative much too.

So here it goes …
To my youngest daughter, Jayne. Papa loves you very much, I know I haven’t been showing much attention to what you always eagerly share with me, like your mini-projects in school, your quirky talks with friends, or even your latest YouTube channel. But I want you to know from the bottom of my heart, I love you very much! Even though I don’t response as much as I should (promise I will improve), I do hear every single events you have related to me. Promise, you will continue to share your stories with me ok? Love.

To my elder daughter, Joey. You are already a teenager and I feel like time is running out between the 2 of us, pretty soon you will have more friends, more outings, and eventually a boyfriend (I know I am thinking a bit far here), but you get the point. I just want to say you have grown up to be a fine lady. Pretty and smart, and also caring to the people around you. All I ask for is your heart to be pure towards God, and I know the rest will be ok. Papa is always around to hear from you and support you ok? Love.

To my wife, Klessis. Have I say enough to thank you for all that you have sacrificed for me? Well, you know it but I still have to say it. Love you to the moon and back. No one else on this earth knows me like you do. You embrace me with the good and bad. So appreciative of your support in my ministry, my work and my dreams. But I want you to know, I am equally supportive of whatever your dream is. Be bold and do what you want to do, I will be behind you 100%! Love you much!

Lastly, to my mother who gave birth to me, nurtured me, taught me about life and love me for who I am. Thanks mummy for your years of sacrifices. I know it has been few words between us, but it doesn’t mean my love for you is few. I cherish you and love you like never before.

To top it all, and thanks to the generosity of Little Flower Hut, I am giving out ONE FREE TEDDY BEAR BOUQUET to a lucky reader! Just follow the instructions below and submit your chances.
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