Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breakfast At Marsiling’s

I made a promise to my girls. I would bring them out for breakfast on every Saturdays. It used to be the only day I can sleep late in the week, but for the reason of wanting to leave them a happy childhood of fun and bonding, I have decided to give a little sacrifice.

For some reasons, Joey mis-interpret my idea of every Saturdays as every Day. So for the first few days during the week, I had a little girl standing besides my bed every morning reminding me to bring her out for breakfast. Faint…

We did McDonalds breakfast, quite boring I have to say. So last weekend, I brought them to the old market at Marsiling. The place where daddy had much of his breakfast 20+ years ago.

Jayne has a unique way of eating her pau because she doesn’t like the black tau sa.


When we have kids, we eat prawn noodles without the prawns (Joey has it), we eat fruit tarts without the fruits (Jayne ate it).


After breakfast, it was a walk along the busy shops and crowded market. Can you see what this uncle is doing? At first I thought he was working on his sewing machine, but watch closer…


A freshly cut jackfruit, you get to see this only at a wet market.


A great morning, a happy Jayne.


Monday, February 27, 2012

J&J Show

Have you heard of the J&J Show?

Check it out!

See how Joey hosts for her sister

After one round, Joey felt that it can be improved, so we did a 2nd video.

Jayne sings and dances
Anyone interested to sign them for recording?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pulau Ubin

A small island situated north east of Singapore, this is in essence the kampong of Singapore. A stroll through Ubin is like going back in time to Singapore in the 1960’s with the simpler pleasures of life.

Pulau Ubin literally means “Granite Island” in Malay. Currently, the island still maintains it’s wooden houses, jetties, preserved wildlife and plantations. But one will never know when the Government will step in and re-develop the island.



Thankfully Kless is also a nature-loving girl, Ubin has therefore become one of our favourite hang out place when we are on leave. One of our ritual will be to stop by Changi Village Hawker Centre for breakfast before heading over to the island. The Nasi Lemak here is sedap!


The only way to get across to Pulau Ubin is by bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.


For $2.50 per trip, you get a chance to enjoy the breeze and the occasional seawater.


Welcome to Pulau Ubin.


Ubin is a great place to spend the day walking or cycling through the rustic roads.


If you are tired or still can’t get rid of the “city” need, taxi services are readily available too.


But the best way to really explore Ubin is by bike, for $2-5 you can rent a mountain bike for the entire day.



If you are there for some photography like us, I suggest you skip the bike for the first hour or so, and explore by foot. You will have lesser chance to miss out on the beautiful landscape.










This is the main area in Ubin, you can find 2 seafood restaurants and a few mama shops.


After you are done with the photo-taking part, rent a bike to cycle deeper into the island to explore the few famous tourism places like Chek Jawa & Bukit Puaka.

Because of the rugged roads and tough terrains, you have to be a good cyclist, at least you won’t fall off easily lah.. Negative example…


We visited the newly open Bukit Puaka. It is the tallest point in Pulau Ubin at 74m. Take the left route when you pass the row of shops near the jetty and cycle for about 1.9km. You will see this Merbah Hut where you can park your bikes and walk the rest of the way up to the top.



The view from the top.



After a great morning walk and cycling, the best way to cool off is to enjoy a chilled coconut.


Time to go home, I’m sure we will be back for more.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ArtSense Studio

Does art make sense?


At ArtSense, they promote Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


Some of the art pieces done by the kids.



For the sake of art, Jayne has Daddy’s permission to get her hands dirty.



Jayne worked on the tissue box creating a train box.

DSC_0124 DSC_0136


Joey worked on the toilet rolls creating a city.

DSC_0131 DSC_0175


If you are interested to know more of ArtSense, they are located at Phoenix Park, 318 Tanglin Road, Blk B, #01-37. Check out their FB link.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Greenwich V by Far East Organization

By invitation, 15 bloggers were invited to participate in a local amazing race around the latest retail experience by Far East Organization, namely Greenwich V. It is a quiet and relaxed mall offering F&B choices ranging from Paradise Inn, The Coffee Bean, Cedele, Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant and Toastbox to grocery shopping at Cold Storage and services including Guardian Pharmacy, 7-11, medical clinic, children enrichment schools and a pet grooming shop. Basically it’s a one-stop mall.


We were grouped as the Lifestyle Group with not 5 bloggers but 5 bloggers’ families.


Everyone gathered at the meeting point, Empire State. Lunch was provided here and we were stunned.

By the size of the burger!


Closed up view.


A closer look at the giant burger’s juicy beef patty.


If you are still hungry after that burger, try their equally fantastic pizzas.


We went to a few more F&B like Berrylite, Cedele, The Coffee Bean, Toastbox, Gong Cha, PrimaDeli and Paradise Inn. Thank God for the kids we have in the team, we managed to finished 90% of the food presented to us.







Andy & Paul, this is the first time I met Paul in such an event, he is a very nice guy, quiet but very sporting. Andy was our team leader, a responsible leader who stayed right till the end while most of us left earlier cos our kids were all very tired after 5 hours of race. Thanks Andy!


What mattered most was the chance to spent yet another fun afternoon with my two darlings!