Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breakfast At Marsiling’s

I made a promise to my girls. I would bring them out for breakfast on every Saturdays. It used to be the only day I can sleep late in the week, but for the reason of wanting to leave them a happy childhood of fun and bonding, I have decided to give a little sacrifice.

For some reasons, Joey mis-interpret my idea of every Saturdays as every Day. So for the first few days during the week, I had a little girl standing besides my bed every morning reminding me to bring her out for breakfast. Faint…

We did McDonalds breakfast, quite boring I have to say. So last weekend, I brought them to the old market at Marsiling. The place where daddy had much of his breakfast 20+ years ago.

Jayne has a unique way of eating her pau because she doesn’t like the black tau sa.


When we have kids, we eat prawn noodles without the prawns (Joey has it), we eat fruit tarts without the fruits (Jayne ate it).


After breakfast, it was a walk along the busy shops and crowded market. Can you see what this uncle is doing? At first I thought he was working on his sewing machine, but watch closer…


A freshly cut jackfruit, you get to see this only at a wet market.


A great morning, a happy Jayne.


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