Friday, February 17, 2012

Papa’s Primary School

Last weekend, with the invite from my old school’s alumni, I brought Joey to Woodlands Primary School. Not a lot of photos, cos I was talking to the alumni president for quite a while.

The school’s motto, “Step By Step”.


Surprisingly, thought I have left the school for 26 years, the alumni was only set up last year. This visit was to gather the old boys & girls to come together and get to know one another. Another agenda was to recruit us to be part of the planning committee for the alumni.

Seriously I do not mind chipping in ideas when I have the time to spare. I guess since I will be enrolling Joey & Jayne in the same school, I will eventually be planning for their benefits too. Win-Win situation.

Like I said, the last time I stepped into my primary school was 26 years ago, since then the school has shifted twice and now in this relatively new premise, it is at least 10 times bigger than my time.

But some things have not changed, the volleyball team still looked impressive. I used to be the captain of the volleyball team.



Joey was so impressed by them, she has already pre-selected her CCA. Hahaha… talking about following papa’s footsteps..

Saturday is CCA day, the usual uniform groups are all assembled at the assembly ground.



I can really remember the same scene where I was sitting on the assembly area, waiting for instructions from my student leader or teacher. Nostalgic!


The famous yellow PE t-shirt that most Woodlands residents would like their kids put on. For info, WPS has the best P6 results for the last few years in this area.



Totally enjoyed my Saturday morning, walking down memory lane.

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