Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Did You Beat Me?

Sometimes I wonder, products from the same factory, why do they differ so much?

Joey and Jayne are just 3 years in difference, but their behaviours, character, responses are so different.

Take discipline as an example, Joey is totally afraid of punishment, namely the cane. On the other hand, Jayne challenges the cane. When I discipline Joey, she will accept and keeps quiet. When I discipline Jayne, she will be angry, and will remembers it until she gets the chance to understand “why did you beat me?”

Just last weekend, having warned her numerous time not to play with water from the cooler, she did it again and I had no choice but to punish her with a slap on her hands. Subsequently, we left the place and Jayne has to leave with Kless while I go off to do some other work. It was then Jayne started to cry sadly and refuse to let me go. I have to carry her, hug her, kiss her, give her sweets, tell her I love her, etc… before she was willing to let go and follow mummy, still with a teary face.

At that moment, I was rushing so I didn’t put much thought into the incident. Now until the next morning, Jayne came to me at my computer desk and asked me softly, “papa, why did you beat me?”. My heart wrenched like never before. Now it was my turn to have tears in my eyes. I pulled her towards me and gave her a big hug. Explained to her the reason for the discipline. I think she only understood half but nonetheless, gave me a smile and walked away to her toys.

6 years as a father and I am still quite new to this business.

Decided to spend more time with the girls. Build more happy memories, so that when they grow up, they can always remember the happy times we had together.


  1. You are a great dad bro!

    - Adrian

  2. hang in there Isaiah... the kids know just what to pull to make us "ouch"
    you're doing great reconnecting with her and explaining stuff.

    1. ya, thanks for the encouragement.. =) parenthood is for life! and i'll be ready for it!

  3. From one father to another, we are learning every day :)
    (loving it, still)

  4. Hi Isaiah, just wanted to pop by and say good to see you and your family in real life! Would have loved to talk to you after the event but you all left early! I guess it must have been such a tiring day for the kids at Greenwich :)

    Take care and hope we have a chance to meet again in the future. Would love my girl to meet your lil girls too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. paisei.. =p
      next time we must have a chance to intro our girls to one another =)