Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ear Piercing Experience

We promised Jayne to bring her for ear piercing when she turns 3. Finally the day has arrived. We prepared her for many weeks, told her the pain will only be like an ant’s bite, the pros out-weights the cons. Truth be told, Daddy Isaiah is more gan-chiong than Baby Jayne. Most of the time when the 2 girls went for their immunisation jabs, it was Kless who brought them into the doctor’s room, I will stay outside and wait. I can’t bear to see the girls feel the pain and cry.

But this time it’s different. I stood firm and managed to take some photos for memory’s sake.

Jayne sitting on the chair, getting ready for it. Can actually sense her anticipation and slight tinge of uncertainty.



BRAVO to my little girl. Papa is so proud of you. You are so brave! Check out this short clip, sorry for the image quality, I was too gan-chiong and it happened so fast.

Jayne’s ear piercing

No tears! No crying! Such a wonderful girl!


Maybe she was a bit startled by the gun pierce sound.


Like what Kless said, suddenly Jayne looks so much more demure with her new earrings.


Told her we will be shopping for some cool and nice earrings in Gold Coast later in June.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jayne Turns 3

2 weeks ago Jayne finally turns 3 years old. In a way, I’m 3 years older (hopefully wiser) as a father. This fatherhood road has been a journey of fun and laughter more than anything. Jayne is such a darling, living up to her name, 以心, she is really a darling that touches our hearts in such a beautiful way. She is always so eager to greet you when you stepped into the house. She is always looking out to see if you (kids) have toys to play. She is so sweet and will just come up to me suddenly and kiss me on the cheek and call me “Daddy” in the most beautiful sound ever heard.

Just look at her smile and all your worries will vanish.


We did a McDonalds birthday party for her this year. Secretly I think all children should have at least one birthday party at their favourite place. Papa Isaiah didn’t get his chance when he was younger, so he is trying to fulfil his own dreams too =)

Just look at the nice posters on the wall. So colourful and vibrant!


The kids get to wear a nice crown and eat their favourite nuggets or fries.



Parents and adults have a rare chance to just relax since the kids are just enjoying themselves in an enclosed area with someone to entertain them. Win-win scenerio.



A collage of the kids & a few adults playing games organized by the Mcdonalds staff.


My dad was also there, his birthday is just 2 days before Jayne, so technically we are also celebrating his birthday too.


For the entire 2 hours or so, Jayne was so cooperative and smile at every photo chance. So much so, her smile became a bit frozen.


Thank you to all our dear friends & children who came and made the celebration more meaningful for Jayne. I’m sure when she is older, she will look at all these photos and remember the moment we spent together.




Yo, Sista! Yo, Sista’s love!


The birthday girl making her wish and blowing the candles.



Even cutting the cake needs to be so drama-rama. But who is to say no? It’s her birthday party.


This is the first time I have seen so many people willing to pose for a funny shot. Even my mother and father-in-law joined in too. Cute!


No birthday party is complete without the family photos. With 奶奶 & 姐姐.


With 公公, 婆婆 & 舅舅.


The Kuan Family.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Children’s Season - Art Garden 2012 @ SAM

International Museum Day is a day to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society. Organised by ICOM (International Council of Museum), this event has been around since 1977.

In Singapore, International Museum Day 2012 (IMD) is celebrated on 19 May with free admission to participating museums and galleries. For the full list, click here.

Jointly organised by National Heritage Board and the Museum Roundtable, Children’s Season offers children programmes that seek to engage and educate the young ones.


This is the 3rd year running for the much-loved Art Garden @ Singapore Art Museum.
The famous Walter is back!


And so are the J Babies!


The girls were so excited to see these mega earphones and they took turns to be DJs. So cute.


Do remember to visit the Round Table-tennis Room. So creative! If there aren’t so many people in the room, I will also go into the circle and play.



I guess Jayne’s recent favourite colour has to be yellow. She was so excited to see this huge piece of yellow canvas. In Singapore where academic is usually the priority, I’m trying to expose the girls to the artistic and creative things too.


After a long walk through the exhibits, they were so happy to finally had a chance to so some art themselves.


Slowly the painting is showing. Jayne chose to draw circles and lines with different colours. Joey drew a garden with trees, butterfly and clouds.



The end product, lanterns!


Before the museum closes, we still have time to try out the hand-painting segment. Since Walter is one of the main mascot for SAM, naturally the painting has to be the cute white rabbit.


J1 chose a butterfly with Walter, she had a nice flower bracelet on the other hand too.


J2 followed ‘jie-jie’ and chose a butterfly. But with her cuteness, she got a bee painting too.


We spent 2.5 hours at SAM, missed out on the balloon sculpting and paper boat activities. But still the girls are happy. We still have time to re-visit again.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun With 3D

A few weeks ago, we visited our relatives in Malaysia and my cousin brought out a set of 3D glasses for us to try on. It was absolutely too much fun for the girls.


I think they were watching some shows where this guy in the show was throwing some money. You can see my girls are well trained to receive when given. Even virtually.



Oh well, you can blame them if their grandmother (my mother) does the same too.


Guess it was too real for them bah.. So happy to see my mom enjoying herself =)


Monday, May 21, 2012

Where To Bring Your Kids

The June holidays are coming up, that means Joey will have no school. That would also mean we need to think of activities to keep both my girls occupied. Staying in this little island of Singapura, it’s not always easy to plan where to go. But with some though and research, nothing is impossible.

Here are some survival guide for all parents:

Play & Learn
Miniature Golf @ Lilli Putt
Located at Play @ Big Splash, this is the perfect time to groom the next Tiger Woods or Yani Tseng.
Child under 12 ($12.80), Adult ($19.20), Family of 2 Adults & 2 Children ($57.80)
Golf through the 18 mini golf holes – all modelled after familiar Singapore landmarks like Changi Airport.

Skating @ SkateSports
Located @ East Coast Park Area F1 or Tampines St 82, this is a more strenuous exercise which includes inline skating, caster boarding, skateboarding, ice skating and skorpion skating.
Imagine inline skating together with your kids along East Coast Park, that will be my personal dream!

DIY Art Projects @ Impressions Art Studio
Located at Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre), the studio offers DIY art activities such as ceramic painting, batik, canvas painting and scrapbooking.
This is a perfect activity for bonding time with your children and also if its a rainy day. Or gather a minimum of 6 children to book their Party Packages.

Water Play
Port of Lost Wonder
Located at the Palawan Beach, this is the ultimate pirate ship water playground, and also the first ever “form party” pool for children.
Weekdays ($8/child), Weekends ($15/child)



Marina Barrage
Located at the mouth of the Marina Channel, this is a huge area for kids and adults alike to have a time either at the water area or at the grass field for kite-flying.
Best of all, it’s FOC.



Outdoor Adventures
Jurong Bird Park
Located at the far far west, this is a must visit for the younger children. Besides the educational tour around the park, the best part is the interactive Lory Loft where over thousand of uncaged lories fly just near enough for you to feed it and take photos.
More than just the birds, there is also a huge water playground to keep the heat down and the fun up.
Adult ($18) and Child ($12)


Riding @ Singapore Polo Club
Located at Mount Pleasant Road, this has to be one of the more atas activity for your child or even for parents to relive a childhood dream.
Besides the fun, this is an activity that will establish their basic posture and balance.
Enjoy lunch at the beautiful Verandah Restaurant overlooking the polo field, they serves both local and western delights such as soup, fish & chips and lasagna.

Indoor Fun
Night Out @ JWT Kids Gym
This is totally COOL! A night out for the kids while the parents can have their own romantic getaway.
Located at UE Square, the kids gym provides a special theme event for kids from 3-9 years old. Basically, you provide the sleeping bag and kids, they provide the pizzas and fun. It’s going to be 4 non-stop hours of fun from 5-9pm for the children, which includes art and crafts, pizza party, movie and other activities.
Some of the themes coming up for the holidays – Occupations, Arabian Night, Asian Culture and Traditions.

Junior Chef @ Expat Kitchen
Have you heard about Australia’s Junior Chef? This is the Singaporean version (my way of seeing it).
Located at Little India, the cooking school offers a variety of classes, while mastering mixing, measuring, kneading and tasting.
Available on every Tuesday, for 9-13 years old, $55 per child.
Bring out that chef in your children, who knows, maybe this year’s thanksgiving you can just sit back and relax.

Overseas Holiday
Do I need to say more for this category?
As long as its an overseas trip, its FUN for everyone including children.
For relaxation, go
For adventurous, go
For cultural, go
Ho Chi Minh City.
For shopping, go