Friday, May 11, 2012

Shopping @ Espirit

What is girls’ favourite hobby? Shopping! Better than just shopping is to shop for free! Thanks to Espirit, Kless, Joey & Jayne were given S$500 shopping voucher for the upcoming Mother’s Day Celebration. So on our Monday off and so happened to be also school holiday for Joey, the Kuan Family took off to Espirit @ Liat Towers. Me? I’m there as the photographer.


Look at how excited the ladies were. The flight of stairs were not able to stop them from running into the shop.


So it was like a mini-fashion show, the girls took turn to choose their clothes and changed and posed for me.

Shopping!!! Aaaahhhhh!!! Jayne is so cute!!



Joey picked up a dark pink dress but we thought it will make her look darker. Thankfully she dropped the idea too. This probably slowed her down a bit in choosing other clothes. But…


But once that innate talent for shopping is awaken, she too became a true “shopping queen”. Can you see the dress hanging on her arm and she is already looking out for other items?


First up, the latest Mickey Mouse series dresses for girls. Presented to you by the petite Jayne Kuan. I would imagine her wearing this with a pair of dark stockings.


No one taught Jayne how to pose, but probably from the tele shows, her first 1-2-3-4 poses.


Joey tried a 3/4 jeans for the first time. Matched with a bling-bling white top, she looks so pretty. I’m looking forward to the day my girl will dress up and go out for a date with me.


With her height, I’m sure she will look good in almost all pants or jeans.


2nd change for Jayne. A cutie one-piece dress, with a butterfly hairband.



Joey changed into a long floral dress, coupled with a blue hairband. Doesn’t she look demure? Can’t believe my girl is growing up so fast.


The J Babies.


We got the 2 sisters to try out the same white top but with different bottoms. Pink 3/4 pants for Joey and pink stripe skirt for Jayne.



White seems to be Joey’s choice for the day. Well, it was their shopping spree to say the least. Try on anything you like.


For Jayne it is still pink most of the time. But I am slowly believing that she may grow up to be a model of some sort. She is just a natural in posing for the camera.



Once the girls are done, it’s Kless’ turn. It won’t be complete if the mother doesn’t try on something as well.


A pink top chosen by Joey and a very nice pair of  jeans.


The same jeans with another of her own choice top.


Next was the more causal wear from Espirit latest collection. I just love the sporty look! Ok, I’m biased, but my wife looks good in almost anything.


Thank you Espirit for the wonderful time. I think you have successfully transformed my 2 girls into 2 shopping queens from now on.


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