Monday, November 4, 2013

LEGO® Friends Friendship Campaign [Giveaway]


LEGO® Friends celebrates the bonds of friendship with a new campaign.


LEGO® Friends, a fun and exciting product by The LEGO Group for girls aged 5 to 12, revolving around five friends in fictional Heartlake City, champions friendship and interaction through play. LEGO® Friends will roll out its Friendship Campaign to foster and strengthen bonds of friendship while playing with LEGO® Friend toys.

41007_Heartlake Pet Salon_box 41007_Heartlake Pet Salon_product

As part of the Friendship Campaign launch, LEGO® Friends embarks on a charming journey of ‘How to Build a Friendship’ short film duology, and a limited-edition Friendship Diary. The Friendship Duology Webisodes showcases five young friends gathered around a table, sharing tips, thoughts and opinions of friendship while playing with LEGO® Friends.

Picture2 Picture3

The videos are available for viewing on the LEGO® YouTube channel -
Or you can click on the two links below to view.

The LEGO® Friends Friendship Diary is a limited-edition activity book. It encourages children to jot down thought and feelings and is filled with several engaging activities. These include drawing spaces, craftwork and an assortment of games that can be played with friends. Additionally, the diary can be personalised with an array of bright and colourful stickers that come with the diary.

Lego-Friends Diary Mock

Lego Friends Diary_Shoot_01 Lego Friends Diary_Shoot_03

Lego Friends Diary_Shoot_06 Lego Friends Diary_Shoot_09

And I am partnering LEGO® Friends to giveaway 3 prizes – 1 top prize and 2 runner up prizes:
Top Prize
1 Friendship Diary
1 Heartlake Pet Salon (usual price: $59.90)

41007_Heartlake Pet Salon_box

Runner Up Prizes (2x)
1 Friendship Diary
1 Mia’s Magic Tricks (usual price: $19.90)

41001_Mia's Magic Tricks_box1

This is what you need to do to win. Follow these simple steps:

(1) Watch the ‘Lessons of Friendship’ short film duology
(2) Do a screen capture of the video
(3) Write a nice Friendship-related statement with the screen capture as a meme
(4) Email to by 15 Nov 2013

Below is a sample for you.


Winners will be judged by your creativity (solely based on personal judgment).

Send in your entries right away!

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