Friday, November 1, 2013

Studio.Me [Review + Giveaway]

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Studio.Me is the first retail green-screen self-shoot photography studio in Singapore. It combined and simplified the art of traditional studio photography and digital Chroma Key Compositing (green screen effect).

At Studio.Me, you get your own mini studio where you can shoot as many photos as you can in each 30-min session. There are 3 themed mini studios – Unity, Pop & Icon, with a combined total of 48 themes and a wide range of props to choose from. You are your own photographer.

The mini studios are equipped with professional photography equipment so you can rest assured that you will get the best quality photos even without a photographer. Your image is displayed on a 32” LED TV in front of you. All you have to do is pose and step on a foot pedal to have your photo taken or switch backgrounds.

After each session, you will receive all your photos in high-res quality in a mini DVD.


Done with the official introductions, now let me tell you what are our personal experience with Studio.Me. 

To be honest, when I received the collaboration opportunity with Studio.Me, I was a bit sceptic, as a person who like photography, I cannot understand how is it possible to have fun and nice photos when no actual human is involved in the shooting. But boy, was I blown away when we visited the place. It was absolutely FUN!

Equipped with some really pro equipment, this studio is no lacking compared to the professional studios out in the market. Combined with it’s simple 3-steps instructions, the entire shooting process was simple and fun.

DSC_4582 DSC_4583

Center pedal is on/off switch and the other two side pedals controls the change in background and releasing a 5sec timer respectively. Even kids like Joey (7 yo) and Jayne (4yo) can operate.

DSC_4558 DSC_4580

We brought along 2 bags of clothing to change but soon it was clear, the notion was unnecessary. None of us have time to stop and change into another attire, we were so busy shuttling from one room to another, taking turns to pose with the multiple themes and backgrounds. The props provided in each room are more than enough to occupy us for the allocated one hour of shoot. Just be there about 15mins earlier to look through the available themes and pre-planned which set of backgrounds do you want to start off with, to minimise time loss.

DSC_4555 DSC_4557



Remember don’t wear anything green, cos it will appear transparent against the green screen. My recommendation is to go in one plain colour top, easiest to mix & match with the props and scenes.

DSC_4568 DSC_4589 DSC_4563

A few other things to take note, stand one step away from the back wall to avoid having shadows and keep within the green carpet as that is the pre-set area where the camera will focus on.


DSC_4571 DSC_4587 DSC_4576

After one full hour of fun, we reluctantly left with our personal DVD of more than 100 photos taken.


And here are some of the shots for your preview. To view all the photos, just drop by my Fanpage to check it out.

POP_131026_162439 Unity_131026_162108 Unity_131026_165224 Unity_131026_160734 Unity_131026_161341

Icon_131026_161255 Icon_131026_163848 Icon_131026_164738

POP_131026_170101 Unity_131026_162455 Unity_131026_170027 POP_131026_161924 Unity_131026_161841

Icon_131026_162752 Icon_131026_162834 Icon_131026_161111

Unity_131026_163714 Unity_131026_164313 Unity_131026_163242 Unity_131026_161743 POP_131026_161627

Go ahead, don’t just envy us. You can have a fantastic time with your family or friends. Check out the rates and other information from Studio.Me.

City Square Mall
#04-17 (opposite Daiso)
180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 9.30pm
Telephone: 6509 9973

Special thanks to Andy (sengkangbabies) who helped to collaborate this wonderful experience.


We definitely had a great time at Studio.Me, so in collaboration with Studio.Me, we will be giving you a chance to experience it too! We have THREE Vouchers to giveaway!
Each voucher is worth $49.90 and is valid for a 30-min session (your choice of one Studio).

Simply do the following to qualify:
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(3) Share this Giveaway on your Facebook Wall.
(4) Leave your name and email on my Fanpage (or you can message your email to me).

Winners will be randomly selected on 15 Nov.


  1. We also brought extra clothes, but we end up having too much Fun, and no time to change :)

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Hahaha... I thought we would be the only one with such mistake.. =)
      Shd have checked with you first in future.. Anyway, thanks again for the collaboration help..

  2. this giveaway is for singaporean only or what? thank you :D i love ur blog very much. very nice blog :)

    1. Hi Nuremy, thank you so much for your appreciation.. The giveaway is for anyone who resides in Singapore.. Do join in if you are staying here.. =)