Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Same Or Different, I Love Them Both

Even in the same family, both child can be very different. Joey are Jayne are 3 years apart in age, so the difference is still not that obvious now, but from what I observe now, I can be sure when they grow older, their personality will be quite different. Some parents will say each child will take after each parent separately, but I beg to differ. I find traits of myself in both my kids. Likewise I can see a bit of Kless in both girls too.

Brought the girls to their favourite place, the beach at Sentosa. I would recommend the Tanjong Beach because it is usually less crowded and the toilets are cleaner.

Jayne is the ‘more drama’ girl like Kless and Joey is the ‘more exaggeration’ girl like me. Jayne tends to smile without showing her teeth and whereas Joey prefers to do otherwise, like Kless and me respectively. Proof of this point shown in the last photo of the post.

IMG_1453 IMG_1454

Both like to build sandcastles.




Joey prefers the shade (Kless) and Jayne surprisingly prefers the sun (me).

IMG_1477 IMG_1466

Joey is very active, she likes to move around, transporting water back and forth to build her sandcastle.

IMG_1461 IMG_1488

Jayne on the other hand, prefers to just sit down and quietly pack the sand and decorate her buildings.


Me in all these fun? I like to take photos and record the bits and pieces of my girls’ lives.




They may be different or similar in certain areas, but one thing for sure, they are the same in Papa’s heart and I love them for whoever they are.

2013-10-17 11.01.37


  1. They are adorable and wonderful just as they are! Love them. AND YOU! Muahahaha.

  2. I have 3 and they are all completely different! But they are all just as loveble! :)

  3. Haha! I was about to write the same as Ed - One, Two or Three, God makes all things perfect! ;)

  4. Your photos are so nice! haha, I am quite excited to know whose personality will my baby take on!