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Review - Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

Food Review

Who doesn’t love Japanese food? Again brought together by OpenRice Singapore, a group of foodies were invited to try out this awesome restaurant at Jurong Country Club.


We were there for a 7-course dinner.

Zensai ($10.80) – Seafood Mayo on Fresh Salad

This is a super flavourful salad. Actually the portion just nice to probably take it in one serving. The reason why I suggest that is because if you separate the salad and the seaweed, the saltiness of the seaweed will cover the salad’s sweetness and flavour. According to the Chef, there are about 10 types of ingredients in this salad, have fun figuring out.


Dobin Mushi ($10.80) – Teapot Soup

Simply amazing! First time I try it, in fact it was my first time hearing of this dish. Served in a traditional Japanese teapot, the presentation itself was already captivating enough for me. As you can see, the soup is boiled with oyster and mushroom. I’m not a big fan of oyster in soup, usually it will cause the soup to have a very fishy taste and smell. But for this Dobin Mushi, it was a different story. The soup was quite clear and the taste was nothing fishy but just very fresh and sweet. A few drops of lime will help to lift the flavour but don’t be greedy and squeeze it all, you will instead spoilt the soup and make it too acidic. Definitely a dish I would highly recommend.

DSC_3893 DSC_3895 DSC_3896

Sashimi ($68.80) – Fukuya Tokusen Platter (7 kinds)
Toro, Uni, Botan Ebi, Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki, Shima Aji, Tai

When it comes to sashimi, there is only 2 words that is important. Freshness and Sweetness. If you can eat the sashimi with the shoyu, it is a success. The Toro was good, literally melts in the mouth and the Ebi was just so sweet. But I have to leave a special mention to the white piece of sashimi in the middle of the plate, taken from the Turbot Fin Muscle. This is probably the reason why this platter is worth more than $60. It has a slightly rough surface and a more chewy texture as compared to the rest. But the sweetness is also non-comparable, even after eating it, the taste lingers in the mouth with a certain tinge of saltiness and sweetness combined. Hard to really describe, best to savour it on your own.


Yakimono ($20.80) – Gintara Mentaiyaki

Again another dish that surprised me. The fish was grilled to perfection, soft and tender on the inside but yet the skin underneath is grilled to just the right texture, chewy and savoury. The special sauce on top includes cheese which helped to strength the taste, making a usually bland taste full of surprises.


Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori ($28.80)
Salmon, Anago, Akami, Buri Belly + Unkan Uni & Ikura Topping

No particular way to eat this platter, but just one recommendation, no need of any sauce. Just take it as it is. Be wooed by the freshness and taste. You won’t regret it.


Menrui ($26.80) – Fukuya Seafood Ramen

Ramen is define not by anything but the soup. The soup determines how well a ramen bowl is. Chef Ming discarded the usual pork base soup and tried out a very daring vegetable-based soup. Soup was light and easy to drink, coupled with the big portion of seafood ingredients, I would say it is another money-worth dish to order.


Kyoho Ice Cream ($8.80) – Japanese Grape Flavour Ice Cream with Kuri Kanronni (Boiled Chestnut)

Every women has a separate compartment for dessert. With this Kyoho Ice Cream, I declare it should be everyone has a separate compartment for dessert. This is simple awesome to the max! Placed in a special cup, the ice cream’s temperature was maintained even if you are slowly enjoying every single mouth. The grape flavour is so strong and sweet, almost every of us asked for a second helping if possible. Make sure you don’t miss it.


We enjoyed the Turbot Fin Muscle Sashimi so much, Chef Ming brought out another serving of it just for us. Blessing!!


Click on Fukuya Japanese Restaurant Facebook page to find out more of their delicacies.


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