Monday, October 14, 2013

NTUC - A Whimsical U Picnic

A champion for working people to have strong and happy families.

U Picnic

Last year we missed the inaugural U Picnic due to an overseas trip, so this year when NTUC gave us a second chance to be involved, we grabbed it with much delight and gratitude. This year’s U Picnic was held at West Coast Park and there were quite a few things in line for everyone.

Seriously, I did not know what to expect. I mean I have been to West Coast Park before but the girls only stayed at the playground area and the nearby McDonald’s outlet. I cannot imagine how can hundreds of families gather at such a place to have a mass picnic together. This is how we did it, check the short clip below to witness probably one of the largest family picnic in Singapore with about 6,000 participants.

The registration was smooth and fast, thanks to the thoughtful organizers who really went the extra mile for the families.


Each family gets a picnic basket with lots of goodies like chips, nuts, paper fan, water, sweets, colouring papers, etc. Definitely worth it even if you have to pay $40 per ticket which admits 5 people.


As with previous year, the picnic aims to gather families for an evening of fun-filled activities. The key objectives are to advocate the building of strong happy families by championing work-life harmony.


This is especially true and important to our personal family. Kless and I believe that family bonding is built through time. Which is why we are always very grateful for organizers who invites us to attend events with the kids, this is our way of building that precious parent-child relationship with our two girls and at the same time introduce new things to them.

Just like this family picnic, we didn’t spend too much time queuing up for the free goodies like popcorn, candy floss, etc. What we did was just walking around the huge field, allowing the girls to do some handy-craft and simply enjoying a relax evening together.


DSC_4074 DSC_4073

DSC_4077 DSC_4079 DSC_4083

The whimsical ladies taking a rest. They indeed garnered quite a huge following when in action.



There was also stage performance by one of the local band, Afterhours.


Stalls were set up for the kids like this candy stall which successfully took the girls’ attention away from their daddy.



The girls managed to play a game of blindfold, Joey gave the instructions to Jayne and helped Jayne find the key to save Daddy who is locked up a cage.


Joey checking with Jayne to ensure she knows the right and left directions correctly. Cute!



And both of them succeeded in their task. Papa is rescued. Yea!

DSC_4110 DSC_4118

We stayed till late in the night and watched the beautiful sunset together.



I love my family, my wife and 2 girls. Family time is LOVE.


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