Monday, October 7, 2013

Bangkok 3D2N Trip

It was exactly 2 years since my last visit to Bangkok with Kless. This time round, we brought Jayne along too. Accompanied by 3 other ladies who were equally excited to follow along even we have a 4 years old child.

2013-09-28 06.16.30

For accommodations, I have only 2 recommendations, either Amari Watergate Hotel or Novotel Hotel. Both hotels are on the higher end (S$140-150 per night), but it would a real treat to go back to a nice hotel rest after your tiring shopping experience at the malls or night markets. Oh, and if you are worried about travelling, my personal recommendation is just take a cab, usual price ranging from B150-200 per trip, which is about S$8 or S$2/pax if you are travelling in groups of four.

Many friends were asking for our itinerary in Bangkok, but seriously you don’t have to have a ‘fixed’ itinerary, all you need is money and stamina to shop!

Here are some of my recommendations for shopping:
Platinum Fashion Mall – Situated just below Novotel Hotel (where we stayed), this mall caters to women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. There are a wide range of shoes for men too. What I like about this mall is the easiness of finding what you want, cos every floor caters specifically to different needs. No need to worry you may miss out any good deals hidden in some corners.

Central World – Situated just round the right bend from Novotel Hotel, this mall is well-known for it’s all-rounded collection of modern lifestyle shops, higher end clothing, supermarket, cinemas, and some pretty decent and nice restaurants.


Pantip Plaza IT Mall – Situated along Platinum, probably a few blocks away. This is the haven for all IT shoppers, Bangkok’s most famous electronics mall. The locals actually call this place the mother of all IT shops in Thailand. I think you get the picture.

Basically, all you need to buy or want to buy can be found in the above-mentioned malls, prices are already much cheaper than what we can usually find in Singapore. If you have more time and want to check out other venues, you can try MBK, Terminal 21, Siam Paragon or Gaysorn Shopping Mall.

As for the Markets, once again my personal favourite is the Khao San Night Market, followed by Chatuchak Weekend Market. Which is why I think the best plan for a Bangkok trip has to be over a weekend, so that you won’t miss the main shopping attractions.


This is how we planned our 3D2N trip.
Day 1 (Sat) – Early check-in to hotel and breakfast at Au Bon Pain (Big C Shopping Mall). Recommended by one of our travelling companion, this place serves one of the best bagels in Bangkok. Definitely worth the try, especially if you are not the street food type of person.



Pretty Joyce waiting for her bagel.


DSC_3634 DSC_3635 DSC_3636


If you prefer the street breakfast, try the rice cake and Thai milk tea just along the street outside Big C.



Or the fried chicken, we were totally hooked on the chicken, almost every where we went, we were looking for it.


After breakfast, it is time for the first round of shopping at Platinum. No photos, you get the meaning.

We settled lunch at one of the authentic Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Central World, Nara. Since we have 5 adults and 1 child, we really ordered a lot of food. And the bill was quite a shock (B600/pax). But since we are on a holiday, it’s always good to just pamper ourselves for just one meal. Right? =)

DSC_3671 DSC_3676



After lunch, a short walk back to hotel for freshing up and more shopping (round 2) at Platinum. Not forgetting to have a few poses along the way.



End of day 1 at Khao San Night Market, maybe a massage (B150 for 30mins) would be good.

2013-09-28 21.12.55

Day 2 (Sun) – Sleep in late and try out the local breakfast, tom yum seafood noodle.

DSC_3691 DSC_3692 DSC_3693

The best breakfast is always local, full of flavour and taste.

2013-09-29 09.43.26

The day will be spend at Chatuchak for a great shopping experience. Actually to really cover the entire market, one would probably need 2 days. So plan accordingly if you have the intention to do so. But for us, it was good enough to shop and eat.

Coconut Ice Cream

DSC_3711 DSC_3714

Fishcake with local chilli sauce


The 2 beautiful ladies bought shades for less than S$2. 人美戴什么都美。


For me coffee is very important and I am glad to say, the coffee is not bad in Bangkok.


Lunch is simple affair with Wanton Noodle. BUT! It’s not just simple wantan noodle, it’s the best wanton noodle ever! Try it to believe it for yourself. Located at Section 3 Soi 40. I had 3 bowls just for the record.

DSC_3725 DSC_3731


The second day ended for the girls with another trip to the night markets, Patpong Night Market. Another choice can be Rod Fai Market, but there are the new and the old Rod Fai Market. Old is situated just near to Chatuchak, and the new one is about 50 mins drive away from Chatuchak.

As for me, my night is still early since I am waiting to watch my Liverpool game live at the hotel lounge. Enjoying a moment of ‘manly’ time.

2013-09-29 23.00.21

Day 3 (Mon) – Woke up super early to take the tour to the Railway Market & Floating Market. This is the first time we planned for a tour in Bangkok other than shopping. And I would highly recommend this tour if you have not done it before. Great experience!


Mae Klong Railway Market is a very unique wet market. Situated just opposite the Mae Klong Station, which is still in function. It’s about an hour’s ride from our hotel to the station.


DSC_3740 DSC_3741

Breakfast was a simple bowl of beef noodle. Still nice.


Before the train arrives at the station at 9.45am sharp, take a chance to walk through the busy and unique market along the railway track.

DSC_3760 DSC_3766

Surprisingly, though the place is filled with seafood and vegetables, it was not as smelly as I thought it would be.





Durians and chicken drumsticks sold side-by-side.

DSC_3764 DSC_3776


Everyone just walks on the railway tracks doing their daily marketing. Amazing!


DSC_3783 DSC_3789

And suddenly, the crowd starts to disperse and the stall owners start to pack and move their products inside. Overhead tentages were removed. The train is approaching!

Acting like a true tourist.


Students on board the train must be thinking we are so funny.


Left the Railway Market and 30 mins later, we reached the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. According to a friend who stays in Bangkok, this is the probably the best floating market in Bangkok.







2013-09-30 10.44.52

I guess Jayne enjoyed the trip, with her new ‘irritating’ toy and her favourite mango fruit.

DSC_3865 DSC_3886

Day 3 ended with a last burst of shopping at Platinum (yes, it’s round 3). You can see how much we like that place.

Everyone was happy, cos we spent all our money, bought lots of nice things, ate some of the best Thai food ever. And most of all, we enjoyed having fun and laughter along the way, which made the 3D2N felt a bit too short.


  1. I was telling Klessis that the railway market looks like lots of fun. Another place I recommend for food in Bangkok is Chinatown for the seafood. We always go to T&K for the cheap and good seafood. Oh and do try the shibuya thick toast for After You in Siam Paragon too.

    1. Ya, the railway market & floating market trip was worth it totally.. didn't expect it to be like that at all.. we went to the Chinatown on our very first trip to BKK, tried the shark's fin =)
      But i think Kless is already planning to go back again pretty soon =p

    2. Your photos are so well taken and make me wanna go back to Bangkok even more!

    3. Haha... Kless says she is already planning for her next trip liao.. We plan for Taiwan next year! On?

  2. I miss the tom yam noodles!!!!

  3. I miss BKK! Have heard so much about the wanton mee and coconut ice cream!

  4. :Looks like u guys had great fun! Must make it a point to visit Thailand on the weekend as well! :)

  5. The famous wanton mee!!!!! Oh man, so much temptation so late in the night :P

  6. Wow! I also had a good experience in Bangkok! With a tight budget, I searched the Cheapest Hotels in Bangkok and I'm so lucky to find one.

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