Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woodgrove Halloween 2013

It was 2011 when we first attended the Woodgrove Halloween event held yearly. Read about our first visit here and see how all the girls have grown up in just 2 years.



This yearly Halloween Party has since evolved into a much bigger event, with lots of people coming from different parts of Singapore. We saw many families even taking cabs to come early just to soak in the atmosphere of Halloween.

DSC_4822 DSC_4824

DSC_4827 DSC_4845 DSC_4919

DSC_4864 DSC_4846

It was really nice to see so many different people walking around in their Halloween costumes and makeup.

DSC_4829 DSC_4907DSC_4831 DSC_4833 DSC_4843

DSC_4897 DSC_4938

DSC_4898 DSC_4937 DSC_4875

This year besides the usual candies, a family was giving out luminous light sticks too. Halloween is a season of giving and sharing too!

DSC_4836 DSC_4857

We had fun, hope to see you next year!


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