Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pain Of A Father

Being a father has many pains and heartaches. But for sure one of the pains I have encountered recently was really PAINFUL!!!

Most parents will probably understand that meal times are usually one of the most tiring time. Especially when you have 2 active girls around the table. So usually I will eat my food as fast as possible and take over from Kless so that she can enjoy her meal and at the same time ensure Joey eats her rice.

1 week ago, on a fateful Saturday night, we were all having dinner with my in-laws at Pasir Ris. We ordered the usual dishes and there was my favourite, assam sotong! Sedap!


I didn’t eat anything that day, so this was my first meal. 2 bowls of rice. After the 1st bowl, Jayne was already trying to get out of her chair and my mother-in-law had to carry her while eating. Of course, my natural reaction was to EAT FASTER. Half way through the 2nd bowl of rice, the tragedy happened… I bit my tongue. This was not the first time it happened, so I was just thinking in my heart, sian.. another ulcer on the way..

I continued to eat and the pain was slightly more unbearable than usual. I did not just bit my tongue, I actually bit off a small part of my tongue and the flesh is hanging out… OUCH! My proof is in the photo that follows, I kept it small in case some of you feels too gross.







Lesson learnt: no matter how hurry you are, eat probably. It’s not worth going through a painful week just like that =(

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