Monday, September 4, 2017

We are Growing Up Together

The girls are growing up fast. Time just ticked on without our notice. Nowadays, both my girls talk to me like an adult. Asking me questions like a normal friend. Questioning my decisions like peers.

Yes, I should be happy because they are growing up well. Doing ok in school, still obedient at home, loves church. But part of me, the aging part of me, is trying hard to slow things down.

Joey is 11 this year and soon next year she will be working hard on her PSLE. At the same time, she will be leaving her children church environment and going to a youth cell group life. Suddenly the thought that we may not be going to church together, having lunch after service, taking bus home after cell group fellowship, is so real.

She will have her group of friends in her first formal cell group. She will want to hang around her same age friends.

I will just “nag” at her to be careful and remember to come home earlier.

Oh .. the hard lesson of letting go. Am I ready for it?

Even now, almost every weekend Joey will be asking me for permission to go out with her school mates. Spending time at each other’s house, just talking about life, all 11 years of their life.
Or maybe go to the library and eventually hang out at the nearby Starbucks for a hipster ice blended mocha latte.

Today when we took the train home, the girls were seated opposite me and this photo got me thinking.
Pardon the weird dressing (Jayne’s jeans and dress), that’s because they just went to the Snow City, need to keep warm.

2017-09-02 17.07.50

It’s not a bad thing to see the girls becoming more and more independent. I guess it is all part of growing up. As a father, parenting is also a process of growing and maturing. I think it’s time for me to mature in my thinking and slowly allow my girls to have their own lives soon. Yes, a huge part of me wants to hold them close and tight, but I have to grow up too.

Jayne just informed us that she is going to the pools on Tuesday night with her classmates. We have been informed.

Argh!! I hate to grow up!

I am a 11 years old father! I just want the fun times! No stress!

2017-08-26 21.10.03 2017-08-26 14.03.50

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