Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hock Siong & Co

Singapore favorite karung guni store – Hock Siong & Co.

A continuation of our shopping around for retro/vintage/industrial furniture, this time round I want to recommend one of the best place to buy cheaper but yet good quality stuff.

According to its webpage, Hock Siong has changed from being a karung guni store to dealing with second hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from local hotels and residential households.

Situated within the industrial area behind Tai Seng MRT. the address is 153 Kampong Ampat, #01-03 Junjie Industrial Building, S(368326).

2017-08-05 17.22.52

2017-08-05 17.23.30

2017-08-05 17.24.10

The place is separated into 3 sections. I will call it …
(1) General Section
(2) Kitchen Section
(3) Furniture Section

General section is basically where you can find anything and everything.

2017-08-05 17.24.42

Like retro metal cans.

2017-08-05 17.25.31

A mirror.

2017-08-05 17.26.05

A handmade tile table by the people @ Hock Siong.

2017-08-05 17.26.46

More retro items.

2017-08-05 17.27.19

2017-08-05 17.27.53

Found something that definitely caught my attention. Black & white photos in frame and a pair of Syphon coffee glass.

2017-08-05 17.28.48 2017-08-05 17.30.15

Ironing and Stamping machines.

2017-08-05 17.30.47

2017-08-05 17.31.18

Metal chairs for the balcony?

2017-08-05 17.31.51

They even sell bicycles.. Wow!

2017-08-05 17.32.20

Kitchen section is where you can find all sorts of plates, bowls, cutleries, pots, etc.

2017-08-05 17.32.52

2017-08-05 17.33.32

2017-08-05 17.34.02

The all time favorite – Rooster bowls and plates.

2017-08-05 17.34.30

2017-08-05 17.35.00

Finally it’s the Furniture section, where you can find the sofas, bed frames, mattresses, cupboards, chairs, etc.

2017-08-05 17.35.31

Even a huge rattan lamp shade. Or you can just buy it for food cover.

2017-08-05 17.36.08

We exercised much self-control and just bought one item. But we will surely be back for more when we have shifted.

Ceramic pot for only $12.

2017-08-07 17.38.34

Happy shopping!

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