Friday, October 5, 2012

Nanyang Optical - Eyelet Jr Frame & MyoVision Lenses

Sponsored Review

If you have read my teaser post last week, you will know we are so blessed! Cos Joey got a chance to do a free eye check at Nanyang Optical and on top of that, she got a sponsored pair of Eyelet Jr frame & Zeiss MyoVision lenses.

When I first heard from Nanyang Optical, I was quite surprised that this company will do such sponsorship especially for kids. I guess I had a pre-conception that Nanyang Optical is a very old-fashion shop with those Uncle Optician sitting behind the glass tables with their glasses perched on their noses reading newspaper. But I was pleasantly surprised when we went to the Causeway Point Outlet, to find the shop with 3 young ladies who are not only professional in their dealings and are very nice and patient with kids. That is always a plus point for parents like us.


So, what is Eyelet Eyewear?
It is the new addition to the Eye-Biz
family. The Eyelet eyewear is the solution for all active individuals. Eyelet is the world first stich-locking eyewear using nylon string to lock the lenses within the rims of the frame. Drawn from the inspiration of stitching on clothing, bags and shoes, the stiches on Eyelet is a functional locking mechanism and is performed with extreme attention to detail and finish using hard-executed techniques.

The stitch-locking system replaces the conventional screw locking system. The process is eco-friendly with no soldering involved and the temples are made of recycled polymers. The full rim frame looks like a rimless frame, and its wearing comfort and weight are also comparable to a rimless frame. Eyelet is not easy to get out of shape, and will balance well on the face unlike most thin rimless frame.


Eyelet – stable on your face. As a spectacle wearer myself for the past 30 years, one of the most headache problem is when our spectacle frame keeps sliding down the nose bridge. This would often result in wearer viewing through “off optical centre” of the correct prescribed lenses.



But with Eyelet Eyewear, it will no longer slide off so easily even with an active girl like Joey. Activities like skipping, running, jumping becomes so much easier, without having to worry that the specs will fall off or slide down.

What are the unique features of Eyelet Junior frames?
The frame is able to hold well on the face because:
- the frame is constructed in “1-piece” without any soldering joints
- the metal bar that extended to the temple is made of high tensile strength stainless steel to ensure lasting elasticity of the frame
- the metals at both frame front ends are compressed by a unique process to make it more compact to create the reliable and constant springy effect so as to maintain a good grip on the wearer’s face

Eyelet Junior (4 features)_A4_Eng_FAP

MyoVision by ZEISS
This is the world’s first single vision spectacle lenses proven to delay myopia progression by an average 30% when compared to traditional spectacle lenses.

Once all the benefits are clear to us, it’s time for Joey to go through the eyecheck and choose her frame.


Pink rectangle frame. She likes the color but the frame is a bit too big for her face.


Orange with green frame. I think it is quite cool, but Joey thinks it’s too flashy.


Red rectangle frame. This is my choice, nice color that goes well with her face tone and just the right size frame. But just look at Joey’s reaction, you know the answer.


So finally the prime choice! The one and only one that Joey fixed her eyes on right from the beginning. Just look at her smile, you know we had a Bingo!


Step 1 completed and done. Step 2 is the more important eyecheck. Like I said earlier, thank God for optometrists who are patient with kids and love to engage them. The optometrist (Serene) who attended to Joey was so nice and gentle. Her way of explaining was simple enough for Joey to understand too.



While in the optician’s room checking her current prescribed lenses, Serene was super encouraging, when Joey was able to read off from the the last line of words (the smallest), she was clapping and telling Joey how great she was. As compared to the doctors from TTSH, I give Nanyang Optical 100/100. Well done!




Having said all, the best is still to protect our eyes and hopefully our 2nd girl will not have short-sightedness like Joey.


For Joey, we can only pray that her condition will stay stable over the next few years and once again thanks to Nanyang Optical and Eye-Biz for the great eyewear and experience.


Check out the super cool spectacle case!



Putting Eyelet Eyewear to the test
This photo was taken when Joey was back from school. After a day in school, she was sweating buckets but still the specs stayed firm and steady on her face even when jumping up and down on the trampoline.
Eyelet Eyewear passes the test!



Contest – Win a FREE pair of Eyelet Junior frame (worth $180)
Step 1: “Like” Nanyang Optical Facebook page (
Step 2: Post a comment on Nanyang Optical Facebook page with “Eyelet Junior frames are stable on your face and I’m a reader of Jbabiesdad’s blog”
Step 3: Leave a comment about “one special feature about Eyelet Junior frame that make it suitable for kids and active adults” on my blog or email me at (remember to leave your name and contact)

Contest ends 31 October 2012. Winner will be chosen randomly!



  1. Hi this sounds like a great frame for my P1 girl. The Eyelet junior frame is suitable for kids and active adult as it will not slope off the face easily. :)
    Hope to win a pair for her.

  2. I often have the lenses on my frames updated to go with my newest prescription. Just changing the lenses isn’t all that expensive. It’s funny because I really don’t think

    that much about comfort with my frames. It’s never occurred to me but of course it’s important. Glad you liked the post!

    Visit Here

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