Wednesday, October 31, 2012

P1 Admin Day @ WPS

Dear 2013 P1 Pupils’ Parent, You are reminded to come for Pri. One Admin Day on 29 Oct/30 Oct at WPS (Time: 9am – 4.30pm). Parents are to complete admin forms/ purchase of books and uniforms for 2013 P1 Pupils.

It has started. With a sms from the school, we were reminded that the P1 days are just ahead in less than 2 months time.

2012-10-29 09.14.54

Once we have found her name on the school board, we collected all the forms for administration. Inter-bank Giro form, dental form, school bus form, health declaration form, school book list, uniform list, etc.

2012-10-29 09.05.23

How can a child read so many books in a year?

2012-10-29 09.14.19

Joey was excited to see her teachers to be. I pray that she will settle in nicely come next year.

2012-10-29 09.15.49

After all the admin work, it’s time to check out the uniforms and purchase the books at the canteen’s bookstall.

2012-10-29 09.25.58

A former student now mother commented that the uniform still looks exactly the same decades ago and now.

2012-10-29 09.33.50

During my days, the PE t-shirts were in yellow colour. I think the white ones are nicer.

2012-10-29 09.33.18

So convenient, even school shoes can be purchased at the bookstall for S$14 per pair.

2012-10-29 09.39.23

All in all, we spent about S$300 on books, shoes & 3 sets of uniforms. Who says education is cheap in Singapore?

2012-10-29 10.29.55

All photos taken on iPhone.

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