Friday, October 26, 2012

Studio Recording - 你最珍貴

Never in my wildest dream have I thought that I would have a chance to step into a recording studio and do a song recording. To be honest, I don’t sing well at all. Usually when Kless and I go to KTV, Kless will be the one singing and I’m just happy to tag along. But God is so good to us, on our 10th year wedding anniversary, He sent a friend a few weeks ago and created the chance for us to be linked up and do this amazing recording at United Music.

United Music & United Records are started by the famous couple from DreamFactory, Eric and Careen.


Their company is a special blend of both a music school and production company. Meaning in this place, you can learn to sing and record at the same time. The school provides Electric / Acoustic Guitar Course, Vocal Recording Academy (Sing, Record, Share), First Notes & Musical Playground.


For Kless and I, United Music offers us a chance to try the Vocal Recording Academy (Sing, Record, Share). We went on a Monday evening and did it straight away after a round of practice. Benefits of having great friends like them =)

When did a duet by 張學友/高慧君 - 你最珍貴. This is probably one of the first and most sung duet for Kless and I when we were dating. So it was the perfect song for us.


We had the most professional and dedicated couple to do the recording for us. They were just amazing, within minutes, they were able to point out some of the dictation problems we had and even gave us a few on-the-spot tips in singing.


The moment of truth. We did a round of recording together and then individually we did our parts.




She just looks so beautiful in the studio. I’m very blessed to have married this woman for 10 years.


Special thanks to our dear friends who made this possible for us. It was truly a wonderful moment and a memory to remember forever.
I think for us to be married 10 years, and be able to do something like this, it’s totally amazing. So if you are thinking of doing something special as a couple or for your partner, why don’t you consider doing a similar recording? I can guarantee you won’t regret. This is so fun and meaningful.


Now for the final product.

Kless & Isaiah


(男)明年這個時間 約在這個地點
(女)記得帶著玫瑰 打上領帶繫上思念
(男)動情時刻最美 真心的給不累
(女)太多的愛怕醉 沒人疼愛 再美的人 也會憔悴

(男)我會送你紅色玫瑰 你別拿一生眼淚相對
(男)未來的日子有你才美 夢才會真一點
(女)未來的日子是否很美 夢才會真一點
(女)我學著在你愛裡沉醉 你守護著我穿過黑夜
(男)         我不撤退     黑夜
(合)我願意 這條情路 相守相隨 你最珍貴

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