Monday, October 15, 2012

Singtel - Home Without Walls

In this multimedia technology age, it is getting rare for families to actually do a physical photo scrapbook. The hassle of buying the scrapbook materials, printing hardcopy photos and doing all the artwork. On one hand I am not denying the fulfilment of really doing a physical family scrapbook, but it is not so easy if we are so busy at work and when most of our photos are in digital form.

So when I have an invitation from Singtel to participate in this chance to do a digital scrapbook, I jumped onto the wagon. So cool right?

SingTel’s “Home Without Walls” encourages Singaporeans from all walks of life to capture, share and celebrate their unique life experiences through the use of multimedia technology. Home is more than just a place we feel love, comfort and acceptance. It is where lives intertwine, where stories are made, and perspectives shaped. It is where we connect with one another – family, loved ones, and those that have made an impression in our lives.

“Wherever some thinks of you, that’s where home is.”

Let me share with you Singtel’s “Home Without Walls” scrapbook contest. This initiative allows you to explore the creative applications of technology by logging into Singtel’s Family Scrapbook for free! And the top 10 submissions will win a printed copy of your own scrapbook creation.


How to use?
1. Start by selecting a theme and type in your title of the scrapbook.
2. Click “ALL PHOTOS” tab to upload photos and place them in your scrapbook or use the templates provided.
3. Tweak the look of the photos by clicking on the “PHOTO EFFECTS” tab.
4. To add personalised messages, click on the “CAPTIONS” tab to do so.
5. Once you are satisfied with your creation, go to the next page and click the “SAVE AND CONTINUE” option.
6. Remember to upload your scrapbook to share your precious moments with family and friends. Get them to vote for your scrapbook and stand a chance to win a printed a scrapbook for FREE.
7. Saving and printing your own scrapbook is also possible.


Have fun doing the scrapbook with your family. I know I will with Kless, Joey & Jayne, they are already super excited to choose their favourite photos from our photo archive =)

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