Friday, November 2, 2012

Tokyo Trip - Nakameguro 中目黒駅

This is a series of the places I have visited in Tokyo when Kless and I were there in October.

Nakameguro 中目黒駅, a spillover district from fashion-centric Daikanyama, is now a destination in its own right, it’s been dubbed the new hip hangout by trend-conscious Tokyoites, although it’s far quieter and more subdued than its neighbour. There is a good stretch of Euro-focused retail and culinary opportunities along the tree-shaded Meguro River, a popular stroll during cherry blossom season in early April.

How to get there
Nakameguro Station is a railway station located in Meguro. It is served by the Tokyu Toyoko Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibaya Line.


This is one of those places we searched online and found out that there were a lot of interesting cafes to be explored.



According to reports, Nakameguro is potentially the up and rising hip suburb in Tokyo. Reason being it is one of the favourite hangout place for designers, artists, musicians and all round creative types. You will be able to find shops that display their merchandise just outside on the streets, just to create that artistic feel.



Here in Nakameguro, you have to walk around to find the shops. They are not situated in one place but separated among the streets, so you will find suddenly a shop out of nowhere selling some art items or clothings.



The streets are also lined with plenty of restaurants, eateries and a place for drinks.




Massage! Just what we needed after a long day’s walk.


More food and also a touch of Japan’s culture on the 2nd floor.


On the way back to the station, we passed by this nice cosy cafe, Soaks (found just along the Meguro River) which sells one the best donuts I have ever tasted. First of all, I am not a guy who loves sweet stuffs, so when the donuts are not your usual sugar-coated type, I am all for it.


There are 5 flavours of donuts to choose from: plain (made from lotus root), gobo (a root plant like burdock), ashitaba (a small leafy veg like spinach), ginger and tomato.


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