Friday, November 16, 2012


My FIL just celebrated his 61st birthday and we brought him out to try the food at Le Chasseur. This restaurant is located at North Bridge Road (opp Central). Here are our orders:

Claypot Chicken Rice

2012-11-12 19.28.15

Stewed Beef

2012-11-12 19.13.13

Stewed Peanut

2012-11-12 19.14.03

Sambal Eggplant

2012-11-12 19.15.39

Kai Lan

2012-11-12 19.16.17

Preserved Radish Omelette

2012-11-12 19.17.33

Butter Oatmeal Beancurd

2012-11-12 19.19.05

Barbequed Cuttlefish

2012-11-12 19.34.13

Crispy Pork Knuckle

2012-11-12 19.25.56

Tau Suan

2012-11-12 19.59.40

One of the happiest thing to see is when I witness how much my 3 darlings adore this one man. Probably he is one man my ladies would love and I won’t feel jealous.

2012-11-12 20.12.19

2012-11-12 19.56.15

2012-11-12 19.55.32

My FIL is a man with few words (typical older generation fathers). But he is a man that loves his family. Probably because my own Dad is a man who hardly spends time with us when we were young, I quite enjoy the times when I meet my FIL, usually over meal times. His unique humour is entertaining. His joy when he sees his 2 granddaughters is captivating. His love for his only daughter (Kless) is contagious.

I am glad to have known my FIL or to be part of his family. Happy birthday Father!

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