Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Philips - The ‘+’ Project Giveaway

Remember the previous Philips post I wrote in October? While it’s back again to seek your help to make it better and on top of that, a chance to walk away with a superb prize giveaway for your precious contribution.

Advance Collection Blender worth S$169!!
ProBlend 6 technology for up to 50% finer result.


The ‘+’ Project is a project to help the local community. It aims to work together with the community and other stakeholders, combining expertise, innovation technology, and funding to face and address health and well-being challenges in Singapore.

Together with industry partners, the project has co-developed 5 ideas encompassing themes such as Healthy Living, Access to Healthcare, and Liveable Cities.

The ‘+’ Project wants to give the community the opportunity to further discuss, ideate and improve on the ideas presented, to help them focus on key wellness concerns of Singaporeans today.


So here are the steps to help the project and a chance to win the Advance Collection Blender.

Step 1: Take the survey at


Step 2: Vote for your favourite idea


Step 3: Tell us why you picked that idea, and help us make it better
Important! (include either @ikuan or Jbabiesdad in your comment so that you can stand a chance to win the Blender)


Step 4: Repost your comments to my blog or Facebook.
(This is for me to keep track and choose the lucky winner. Best comment wins!)



Giveaway will in 2 weeks time, on 5 Dec 2012.

Even if you are not so keen on the prize or if the steps are too troublesome, let me still encourage to take the survey and contribute your ideas or comments. The entire project is a great way to see some great changes in the lives of not only ourselves but more importantly for our next generation.

PS. just in case you are wondering, for this particular project, I do not get anything for promoting it.

Do something for a change!

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