Friday, November 9, 2012

4D3N Perth Trip (Part 1)

This is the 3rd trip to Australia in 2012. We have been to Darwin in March, Gold Coast in June and now Perth in November. All 3 cities are different but one thing in common, the sceneries are all amazing!

Perth was much colder than we thought, so we weren’t really well prepared for the cold. Nonetheless, it is always a great time going overseas with the 2 girls and of course my dear wife.


We took a night flight to Perth, reaching Perth Airport around 11pm. Once we collect our rented car, it was just a 15mins drive to our first accommodation and slept all the way till next morning and looking forward to our day drive to places like Bunbury Lighthouse, Busselton Jetty and Margaret River.

Enjoying a nice breakfast just before the drive.


It was so cold, Joey had a hard time eating and we ended up bringing the food back to the hotel room. Haha..


Jayne seems less bothered by the cold. She is like me, we like the cold weather more that Kless and Joey.


It is virtually impossible to not drive in Perth. The day tours out to the tourism places are way to expensive for a family of four. A simple trip to Margaret River would be about A$800+ for our family. The car rental is only about A$230, petrol would be another A$100. You can do the maths. Then another advantage of driving is the freedom to stop wherever you want, whenever you need. Plus we can basically just leave all our barang barang in the car boot. So convenient! FYI, Perth is righ-hand drive just like Singapore =)

On our way to Bunbury Lighthouse (about 2.5hrs drive from Perth City), we passed by this beautiful beach and was the perfect moment to get out and stretch our legs and enjoy the cool breeze.



The sand was so fine and nice, I think I can just lie on it and sleep (if not for the cold breeze). The girls were refreshed during the stop.





The city of Bunbury is the third largest city in Western Australia after the state capital Perth and Mandurah. One of the landmarks to look out for in this city has to be the Bunbury Lighthouse and Marlston Hill’s Lookout.

Standing at 25m tall, its light is visible from 27km away.


Here is where you can find a cute little model that is posing in the wind.


If you are here during lunch hours, try the restaurant just situated besides the lighthouse. You will get a nice view from here too.


The place is filled with plants like this. And the girls went wild plucking it for collection. Sorry to the locals!!



Marlston Hill’s Lookout is just 5mins walk away. While it provides a great view of the entire city from the top, do remember to bring along a jacket as the wind can be quite chilling.



To be continued.

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  1. Hi im heading out to perth in march. Was wondering if you cld recommend me a good place to stay in Perth as well as where u do your ca rental. appreciate your reply. =)