Monday, June 11, 2012

Cooling Day @ Marina Barrage

My dear brother promised the 2 girls to bring them out on Monday. Both the girls were so excited and were talking about it for almost the entire week, listing down the things they want to eat, buy and play. BUT…


He cannot make it due to reasons unknown (yes, I am a bit angry). So I got to think of what to do to pacify the girls. Sentosa was one idea (but quite expensive), Zoo was another thought (but done that too often), so finally settled on Marina Barrage for water playground, cycling and flying kite (best of all, its all free except for the cab fee to and fro).

The best time to visit Marina Barrage has to be evening time, the sun is setting and the water is not too cold. Bring a ball along, or maybe a pail for collecting water, and the girls enjoyed forever.



With Joey around, Jayne is less fearful of the waters, see how she is willing to lie down in the water and practicing her swimming strokes.


This is so cute, Jayne ran through the splashing waters and couldn’t open her eyes for an instant.


Kids make friends just like bees attracted to honey. Within seconds of this little girl who came later, all 3 of them were playing like BFF. At least I can’t complain that my girls are quite socialable.



One moment they were just lying around enjoying the cool weather, the next moment my girls are “attacking” their new found friend. I think the other girl quite enjoyed the attention too.



Part 2 of the fun – scooter-ing around the park. With the ample space available here, even the adults (me) would love to have my bicycle or skates.



The dearest wife/mother, prepared fried rice for all of us. We ate from cups… Just to continue on the being fun part.


Finally a photo of Klessis & Jayne.


Everyone has something to do @ Marina Barrage. For photographers, just bring along a camera and don’t miss the night lights only viewable from here.



How do you know an outing has been successful?
When both your kids repeatedly said, they want to come back again in future.
Mission Accomplished!

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