Thursday, June 28, 2012

City Harvest - My Church My Life

I am proud to say I am a member of City Harvest Church (CHC) since 2002. More than that, I am extremely privilege to be a full-time staff.

This is where Kless and I got married. This is where our kids are learning about biblical truths and discovering their talents. This is where I found so many true friends that don’t judge me by the covers but accepted me totally, good and bad. This is where I found my destiny and calling. This is where I strengthened my love and commitment to God. This is where I learnt that true leadership is not forceful but has to be out of love.

There are just too many things I have learnt and received in the past 10 years to be mentioned here, but if you known me long enough, you can be my referee.

My Church is My Family.


Do I have all the knowledge of  the case and the allegations?
No, I do not. Which is why I choose to be mute and not simply post my comments about something I have no absolute knowledge of.

Why am I still so supportive and confident of my leaders’ actions?
That is because I have worked with them, seen with my own eyes (no one can deny what I have experienced) the sacrifices my leaders - Pastor Kong, Sun & Pastor Tan have made. How they have served and cared for the people in this church family even when it was inconvenient for them. How they were selfless in giving, not only monies but also time and life.

Am I just a blind follower? Brain-washed?
I like what one member wrote, and I quote: “Yes, previously I was brain-washed by the world’s system, but now I am totally redeemed and walks as a faithful servant of God and a member in CHC.” I am not a blind follower, period. Stop labelling us as if you really knew us.

Have I regretted giving to the church? Was I forced to give?
Of course not! The fact is, if I have known earlier that this Crossover Project is going to be so successful and hundred of thousands of lives will be touched and impacted, I would have given MORE! The fruits of our giving are obvious to all.


Personally I have worked and served together with Pastor Tan for a couple of years. It has to be one of the greatest blessing and privilege for me. I witness first hand how humble he is, the sincerity he shows when talking to someone. He is a leader who is constantly encouraging us and challenging us to improve and become better.

I will always remember how my pastor looks into the little details like my dinner after a busy day at work. How he sincerely want to help me in fulfilling my dream and desire to be a pastoral worker. No words can fully describe how much he has helped me to be a better leader and man.

I am proud to call him my Discipler. I am proud to call him my Pastor!


  1. 50 mil probably peanuts compared to madoff but so many more people betrayed and yet loyal. Amazing stuff. Well the Japanese during WWII could even get boys to be kamikaze pilots so just proves that the smart can always control the minds of the masses.

  2. Well said, thanks, echoed my sentiments!