Monday, June 18, 2012

Arts In Singapore

The only subject I ever failed in school is the miserable Arts & Craft. Yes, like a typical boy of my days, we were more interested to play football, marbles, “fight spider” or pc games, but definitely not drawing or arts.

Thankfully, as I grow older I am starting to appreciate arts a bit more now. Not to the level of spending hours in an art gallery, but at least the art pieces @ SAM still appeals to me.


Drawings by children are usually so colourful and full of life. The adventurous nature of a child is the greatest gift from God and as parents we should not kill it but nurture it.


中国文字 - 五千年的历史





关家 - 三个代表


Credit to SAM in turning this hall into something like what we see in Da Vinci movie.


We should have more Art Exhibitions in Singapore, and parents should be more active in engaging our next generation in Art Culture.

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