Monday, May 13, 2013

I Hug My Mom 2013

Supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement, CHC organised the ‘I Hug My Mom 2013’ project. And this year, the families in our CG decided to join in and be part of this community project to show love and bring the message of Mother’s Day to the residents in Woodlands.

More than just that, our family was selected to be filmed for this movement.


The girls are totally natural in front of the camera, in fact they were more than happy to be filmed. On the other hand, Kless who was a bit camera-shy. But I think she looks so happy and pretty!


Happy Mother’s Day!


After the preparation was done at home, we headed to meet Claire and her kids. This was truly a family community event.


Jayne and Chernise were the 2 youngest members in this project. At 4, both of them played their part to encourage other children to give their Mom a hug.


Probably due to the filming or we were just too excited for the project, we arrived at the meeting point 45mins early. Thankfully the meeting point was at Causeway Point, we just sat down for some breakfast and coffee.

DSC_9426 DSC_9427

A group photo for those who were early, before we were all drenched in sweat from the scorching sun. Did you realised that the colour code was red? Some of us wore the ‘I Hug My Mom’ t-shirt too.


Yifei is the girls’ favourite uncle. Every time we go out, Uncle Yifei will be their tireless playmate.


The pretty mommies who were on duty for the day.


After the briefing, we are all ready to go! Target was at least 100 hugs!


My able partner for the day, Joey. She ran tirelessly inviting the people to hug their moms. So proud of her!


I Hug My Mom! To see more photos or find out what is the project about, click on this Facebook link.

IMG_6053 IMG_6057

It was a hot afternoon, and after almost 2 hours of hard work, the kids retreated to the comfort of the aircon area.



Jayne started her version of ‘horror’ drama. So cute! Jayden was the male lead cast.




Stole a photo from Kless. The beautiful kids from our CG. *FYI, I was the one holding the placard*


It was a resounding success @ Woodlands – I Hug My Mom 2013. Thank you all who came and supported the project.




Happy Mother’s Day!

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