Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Singapore Memory Project - Chinatown Photowalk


As part of Singapore Memory Project (SMP), the National Library Board launched ‘My Home, My Library’ – Singapore’s first nation-wide exhibition across all 25 libraries in Singapore – showcasing unforgettable memories and stories of people, places and events relating to their homes, neighbourhood and libraries.

And the instagrammers network (@instasg) invited a group of instagrammers to join them on a guided walking tour by Aik Beng (@aikbengchia) to explore some of Singapore’s ‘forgotten’ landmarks and gems.

The tagged pictures (#sgmemory) will be part of NLB archive – to be preserved and shared with future Singaporeans. Quoting Aik Beng, “the simple photo we take today can be a special memory which could be lost in 10-20 years time.”

Come to think of it, this is such a meaningful event, I will definitely be looking at things around me with a very different perspective from now on.

Here are some of the instagram photos I have taken.

2013-04-13 10.23.06

2013-04-13 10.24.45-1

2013-04-13 10.33.15

2013-04-13 10.39.58

2013-04-13 11.23.28

2013-04-13 11.45.34

2013-04-13 11.52.09-1

2013-04-13 11.53.19

2013-04-13 11.56.18-1

2013-04-13 11.37.38

2013-04-13 10.35.56-1

Watch out for more of my instagram pictures in the days to come. Click on the picture below to follow me.


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