Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stay At Home Dad (for a day)

Klessis has an outdoor event with omy. So I had to take care of both girls at home. This is one of the very few chances I get to stay alone with the girls. Actually I was quite looking forward to it. I planned to do a lot of things to do. Draw and colour with Joey. Teach Joey to ride the bicycle. Bring the girls to the playground downstairs. Happening!

BUT, none of the above was accomplished.

All I did was run after Jayne so that she won’t pull down the bicycle and crush herself. Made milk for Jayne, cleaned her poo poo, changed her diapers, fed her rice, wiped the floor when she spilt her water, more cleaning when Jayne pulled down all the books. Disciplined her when she wouldn’t stop playing with the fan. Disciplined her when she wouldn’t stop pouring her water on the floor purposely.

Photos of how Jayne usually acts after a discipline session. (pardon the quality, taken using my BB)

Can you see her messy hair? Soak in sweat from all the running around.


Giving me the pity look so that Daddy will stop being bad and be nice again.


Finally a smile when she knows I am taking photos. A natural model?


Back to her cheeky self..


Thank God Joey was easier. She was most of the time contented if I let her play the iPad, watched Dibo on Youtube, taught her a bit on writing. Sorry no photos of Joey cos most of my time is absorbed my the younger one.


Seriously, SAHD is not fun at all! It’s so boring and tiring. But all these, helped me to appreciate my dear wife more than ever. And also a deep deep respect for the SAHMs! SALUTE!!

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