Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dedicated to Mummy

This entry is specially dedicated to the ever loving, hardworking, faithful, longsuffering, but yet always joyful and smiling mother of Joey & Jayne.

Klessis Lee =)


When I first know my wife, she is just a young girl in school. That was almost 19 years ago. Back then I would never imagine her to be the mother she is right now. When we were dating, I knew I would marry her. I knew we would have kids together. In fact, we were one of the earliest couple with kids in our group of friends. Thus, we have no one to turn to for advices or to find answers. Which is why I truly admire my wife for being able to learn so fast and make so little errors along the way. She has single-handedly transformed herself from a girl to a woman, a mother just by her own determination. Salute!

Now after 4 years, we have Joey and Jayne. Kless is still the bubbly girl I knew since young, probably a bit more tired than before, but still the girl who is able to take care of herself and take care of the people around her. I seriously believe without her, both our kids will not be who and what they are like now. Thank you Mummy Klessis!!


Teaching Joey how to be cool! Sunglasses is a must! Big and black.


Mummy is always behind the girls, even when they are just looking the pool, drooling at I don’t know what. =)

31Dec 082

Cute! Pretty and adorable!

19 Nov 104


  1. Woooo! Is it appreciate-your-wife day?? LOL!

  2. Your wife is truly amazing! I think she is very gung-ho too! :)

  3. all mothers will be the same eventually de la.. you are on the way too =)