Friday, November 19, 2010

The Thankful Campaign

I follow this blog “The Father Factor” and their latest entry was talking about a single father expressing his thanks to various things and events in his life. You can read more here.

So I have decided to do a similar entry too. To give thanks for all that is around me helping and enabling me to be a good father.

First of all, I got to really say thankful to 2 very different but equally important women whom contributed to make a father. To my mother, who gave birth to me, and to my wife who gave birth to my kids. Mothers are usually the more dedicated parent thus, I salute the both of them. You made me who I am today and whatever success I have in life, you have a part in it as well.


Next up are the wonderful gang of friends who practically witnessed how Kless and I became parents and along the way love Joey & Jayne as much as we had. Thanks guys & gals! You are the BFF!


A surprise thank you to all the gadgets’ manufacturers! Apple. BlackBerry. Nintendo. LG. With you guys, my girls are self-entertained for numerous hours. Car rides become easier. Meal times become more enjoyable.

iPad by Apple


BB Phone by BlackBerry


DS Lite by Nintendo


Portable DVD Player by LG


Last but not least, a big thank you to GOD!

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