Monday, November 15, 2010

How Old Do You Think I Am?

Kless had a very interesting conversation with a 9 years old girl. While trying to entertain her, Kless asked her a very interesting question.

Kless: How old do you think I am?
Girl: Hmmm… 42 years old.
Kless: ……… (speechless)


During dinner the same night, we decided to ask Joey the same interesting question.

Kless: Joey, how old do you think Mummy is?
Joey: Hmmm….. 20 years old.
Kless: Wow! (super happy)

19 Nov 104

Kless: What about Papa? How old is he?
Joey: (pause) 12 years old.
Kless: (qua qua qua)….. (she can only hug baby Jayne to find some comfort)


Kids are so cute. So innocent. At 4 years old, I don’t think Joey understands what is the concept of age. She probably equates our age based on activities done with her. Mummy does homework (like writing, learning) with her. Papa plays with her. So that’s why she thinks I am younger, I think.

Look at some of her work recently. She is getting ready for school soon. In fact we were having a chat with a friend the other day, and mentioned that parents have to do volunteer work in primary schools to get a chance to send their children there. I can’t imagine! It would be soon!





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