Thursday, November 25, 2010


Fathering should be listed as one of the x-treme sports. We are talking about a lifetime commitment, 24hours standby, countless heartaches, many sleeplessness, etc etc…

It is even worst in Singapore. Mothers get 4 months maternity leave, fathers only 3 days paternity leave. How can that be possible? We wake up the same number of times in the night, we shoulder the equal amount of anxiety and stress when taking care of a child. Right?

So to be a father, you need to be FIT!

Eat well is very important! Red meat, lots of it for the protein!


Exercise! Nothing beats a football game. Run till you drop. Make those muscles work like mad…. =)


Have some ‘me’ time.. Rest and relax so that you can go further! A cup of coffee is my choice.

14 Jan 027

Come on Fathers! We need to be a strong MAN!!!

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