Monday, November 8, 2010


In Nov 2010, Papa Isaiah took a step into his destiny. It’s a journey he has taken many times in his mind previously, but now he is finally able to live it out.


Promotion comes in many forms. Normally it comes with greater responsibilities.

Since the birth of Jayne, I have been cautious not to show any favouritism to either girl. To be honest, I was slightly worried that Joey will feel jealous becos we have to dedicate more time to take care of Jayne. Due to space constraint we have move Joey to my mother’s room so that we can accommodate Jayne’s cot.

Joey is such an angle, she is so much more mature than I thought she would be. She readily accepted her responsibility as the elder sister very well. Check out the photos!

Feeding Jayne in a cooking game


Guiding Jayne in a football game


Taking care of Jayne when they are out playing


Watching TV together with Jayne

23Jan 028

Carry Jayne


Having fun with Jayne


I think having an elder sister is a tremendous blessing! No one can share that joy like your sister or brother. You girls must love one another forever!

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