Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiasu Parents

Why are Singaporeans so kiasu? This has in a way become a national trademark. Especially parents in Singapore.

I have a friend who got married in Singapore but has moved to Australia with her husband. She has 2 beautiful kids and whenever I read her blogs, I can sense that she is very proud of her kids. Like any other parent, she enrols her kids to classes and encourages them to learn as much as possible. But one thing which I feel is different was that she was never too eager to plan a lot of activities for her kids.

Maybe this is the reason why so many people are sending their children overseas to further their studies. It’s just too pressurising to study in Singapore.

Overheard a parent talking about how his child is doing in child care. Besides all the lessons in school, the parent is also enrolling the child for extra lessons in music, language, art, sports and etc… I believe the couple must be quite rich to be able to afford all these classes. But I asked myself, is that how I want my child to grow up? Or would I rather them to enjoy life? (like eating a bowl of famous Rochor 豆花)


Did a simple research, in the year 2006 there were about 38,000 babies born. 10% of that figure will be attending some super duper expensive and good preschool. Maybe these children will become the future leaders of the country, top lawyers or doctors, top professionals. Again I ask myself, is that what I want for my children? I agree, I want them to be successful. I want them to have good career. I want the best for them. But if they spend all their childhood just trying to be the best in class, where are all the fun and enjoyment? (like sitting on a swing and enjoy the breeze)


The most important thing I want for my daughters, is for them to be happy and useful and also I want them to love God. It doesn’t matter what they will do in future, like Dr. A.R. Bernard said before, what is most important is the journey. I want my girls to grow up in an environment where simple things are appreciated.

A sampan boat ride to Ubin


Chinese traditions like 团圆, having 汤圆 together


Watching the sunset


Parents reading this, don’t stone me ok? I love my children to want them to have the best too.


  1. I agree with you, the journey is definitely important. But parenting does require deliberate planning for the maximization of the child's potential right? :)

  2. ya, i agree. lots of planning needs to be done..but must be done in the right mind frame and also timing bah... parenting requires wisdom =p

  3. This is such an awesome post! Sometimes no need to be too deliberate one la...The best times of my school life are those times I skipped lessons... I think I turned out fine. haha...

  4. haha...for me the best times in school is with my group of long as we are together, the activity is secondary..but i agree with you, we turned out fine now..yet, the times are so different liao...sad for our kids..