Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography Trip

Inspired by another Daddy Blogger, I have decided to bring Joey out for a photography trip. So I borrowed my mother’s Canon IXUS. The idea is to cultivate the hobby for Joey and of course to have some fun time bonding with her.

Some basics before the shoot.

Holding the camera: with her small hands, there isn’t any best way to hold the camera. I just taught where to place her thumb and index finger.



Pressing the shutter button: this is the difficult part, Joey gets very excited when she is holding a camera. She will shake a lot and tends to move before the photo is captured. Teaching her to hold her breathe like in a firing squad is tough. So I taught her to squeeze the button when she exhale (learnt that from Dadsforlife), it seems to work slightly better for her.


Creativity: no need to take shots from a direct on angle, but try to take from the top, sideways or even trying to squat low. It was fun seeing her try that.


Close up shot by Joey


Taken from an angle when she squats down


I really like this photo Joey took without me teaching her. I think she has the talents for it more than the parents.


Starting a hobby with my girl is probably one of the most fun thing to do! Try it today!

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