Friday, November 12, 2010

Potential Son-in-law?

I have 2 super adorable daughters. Most of our friends have sons. It seems like my girls will be the center of attractions in future =)

Big J – Pretty, Smart, Independent


Small J – Adorable, Smart, Sweet


Some of the potential guys…

1) Jayden Junior – can see that he will be a beefy man, can provide security


2) Nathaniel Chin – sporty, can be a great companion for fun


3) Nataias Chin – like his brother Nathaniel, active and won’t be boring around him


4) Justin Tay – the handsome guy, and probably a very good musician like his dad too


5) Nigel Lee – the romantic, like his father Bruce, the making of being a boss

6) Reuel Rao – the only fellow LFC supporter’s son, he won’t let the girls walk alone

Who do you think has the higher chance? Hahaha…

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