Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekly Meal with In-Laws

Since my parents stay with me, I make it a point that every week we will at least have a meal with my in-laws. So that they will have a chance to see their cute granddaughters!


My father-in-law is a very traditional family man, he never allows me to pay for anything whenever we go out. Not even for drinks. I really thank God for him cos he is such a nice man and there is much I can learn from him.


And my mother-in-law, a typical mother, always rushing to take care of this and that. Also ensure that the grandchildren have eaten before she eats her own meal.


The weekly meal with them is really a very relaxing time for Kless and me. For Kless, she is just like a kid back at home, can be pampered by her daddy. Ordering all her favourite food.



Grandparents are so important. Read my earlier post to know more.

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