Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Makan Session @ West Lake

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Organised by SMRT Circle Line, this is a chance for different people from all walks of life to gather together for a time of good food and of course a chance to meet some of the famous food bloggers in Singapore.

Dr Leslie Tay aka ieatishootipost


A group of 20 plus food-lovers gathered at West Lake and enjoyed an afternoon of great food and learning some photo tips from the guru himself.


Leslie was eager to recommend his newly available iPhone App – ieat Hawker. For only $0.99 you get over 66 categories of good food  and more than 460 stalls in Singapore.


Seriously, before I went for this event, I was thinking it could be like one of those long-time-never-see friend’s wedding dinner you attend, everyone in the same table are total strangers and for the entire event, we will hardly talk to one another. Just busy eating and hoping that time will pass asap.

Much to my surprise, the people in my table were very friendly and it was nothing like I expected. We talked about food, tech, kids, photography, etc. The most interesting part was seeing everyone taking out their phones or cameras and started clicking away once the food was served. This will never happen for a normal meal.



Thanks to Leslie’s generosity, he arranged a special corner for photographers who would like to learn a few tips on food photography.



Some of my photos.






At the end of the session, we had a trivial quiz, altogether about 10 questions, examples:
1. How many stations are there in the Circle Line?
2. How many seats are there in a single train?
3. Name two interchange stations along the Circle Line.

The best 5 will win an autographed book from Dr Leslie Tay. Guess what? I won!


Had a wonderful time and met so many new friends.


If you are interested to find out more of future Makan Session, click on the link and maybe register for the next one!

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