Friday, November 11, 2011

Kirolounge Open House

Have you heard of Chiropractic? Do you know how it works? Painful or painless? I have no idea what it is until a recent visit to Kirolounge.


Kiropratic is a new concept which is a fusion of Chiropractic with nutrition and natural exercise. The first thing I was asked to do when I stepped into their office was to drink a glass of mixed fruit juice (orange, grapes, broccoli, cucumber water, apple). I really felt so healthy that morning.


I was the first and only one doing the examination that morning, so I had to privilege of the staff’s full attention, learning more about chiropractic and correcting a few erroneous info.

Seriously, the adjustment beds looked like torture beds. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t get a chance to try out the adjustments, but before we left, we saw 2 clients came for their weekly dose of “torture”. Each session barely lasted for 10mins, and both of them looked very satisfied and happy after the session.


After a brief introduction to Kirolounge, it’s time for the assessment. Trying to sit as straight and upright just in case the doctor scolds me. Hahaha… reminded me of my primary school days in the dentist’s room.


This is Dr. Brian, he is the in-charge at Kirolounge. I won’t blame you if you mistaken him as a gym instructor, he is super fit.




Final result of my assessment: not much of a surprise, my spinal alignment is out. My body is slightly slanted to the left, hence the usual complains of neck and shoulder aches or pains. Also I am slightly out of alignment on my hips and shoulders as compared to the sole of my legs. Basically I tend to lean forward when I am standing up, once again putting more stress to my upper body.

Doctor’s recommendation: go for an x-ray ($130) then be back for a few sessions of chiropractic (about $70 per session).

If you are interested, do call them and arrange for a checkup. My verdict, good to go through the sessions, definitely helpful to make sure the body is working well and right.


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    1. Hi, thanks for the recommendation! Hope you will have more fun and info reading.. =)