Friday, November 18, 2011

My Grandma is 88

I missed grandma’s 88th birthday celebration. So the entire Kuan family decided to visit her in JB.

Grandma’s hearing and memory are failing, we have to speak loudly and repeat ourselves many times before she can understands us.

Grandma took care of me when I was young, in fact I lived with her for about 3 years before my younger brother was born. I can still remember Grandma will cook all the nicest Hakka food to make me forget shortly the pain of seeing my mother leave every weekend back to Singapore. Since she fell and injured her leg about 5 years ago, she hardly travels out of her house, except for going to church on Sundays. But she still insisted to walk us out to the main gate. That is how much Grandma loves us.


Before we leave, I had to chance to pray for her. Bless her and thank her for the care and love all these years. All of us need to remember our elders and make time to be with them.


Grandma, I love you!


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