Monday, December 5, 2011

A Long Blog Break

This has to be the longest break I had from blogging. 2 weeks totally engrossed in retreats, finally my life is back to a normal boring mode in Singapore.

The last 2 weeks, the Kuan family was out to Bintan for the staff retreat, then barely back for 48hrs, we are off again to Pulai Springs for our zone retreat. The irony of retreats is I felt like retreating to somewhere quiet and relaxing afterwards. Yet, we had a good time, during the staff retreat it was more of a R&R trip, with quite a bit of time for games like futsal and basketball. During the zone retreat, we were spiritually blessed with our Senior Pastor and Deputy Pastor sharing the WOG and encouraging us. Combining both retreats, this has to be best November for many years.

Here are some photos from the relaxing Bintan Lagoon Resort.






See how Joey was all pumped up for some fun!


Sorry, no photos from Pulai, it was basically a work trip for me…

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