Saturday, December 31, 2011

About Me

Today is my birthday. I’m 37 years old. I realised I do not have a decent solo photo, so I asked Kless to help me for this shot, which I finally understands why I don’t take much solo shots. I look like a prisoner, I don’t know how to smile when I am alone for photos-taking.. Why like that ah?


Many friends commented that Kless and I looks very much alike. I mean how can we not? We dated for 10 years and are moving on to our 10th year wedding marriage in 10 months time. We are almost like twins.


Together we have the 2 most wonderful girls, Joey & Jayne. Just a word of advice to all couples who are planning not to have kids, YOU ARE MISSING OUT THE FUN!!


I am a fervent Christian and serving in the role I am today because of this woman who has taught me the important values from the Bible. She is none other than my mother. Incidentally, mummy’s birthday is 1 week before mine, hers is on Christmas Eve, whereas mine is on New Year’s Eve.



  1. haha I love your passport photo, so serious.
    Does not matter if you do not smile for camera, I am sure your wife and children look up to you as the Best husband and father! Happy B'day !

  2. Thank you Andy! So glad to know you in year 2011, looking forward to more outings together in 2012...