Friday, December 30, 2011

Mummy Is Still Young

Both me and my mother celebrates our birthdays just 1 week apart from one another. Hers is on Dec 24, and mine is on Dec 31.

This year, we bought her the latest iPhone 4S for her birthday, which she has already been using it for coming to a month now. She is 59 years old but still quite IT savvy. None of my friends who have met my mother will believe that she is approaching 60. I guess that genes had been passed down to me too. I don’t look my age too, right? Come back tomorrow when I reveal my true age. And no, I am no longer 28…

Brought my mother to Seb’s Bristo for her birthday lunch. Her favourite is beef steak, and plus the fact that there is a wonderful children’s playground, the choice was clear.

Our younger daughter has grown very close to her grandmother recently, especially this year when my mother volunteered to stay home to take care of both our girls. It’s such a heart-warming scene whenever the girls are able to bring a smile to my mummy’s face.





My younger brother and his girlfriend managed to join us for a lazy afternoon family time too.


The Kuan brothers with our lovely mother.



One thing that endears everyone to Jayne is her ability to just melt your heart with small actions like these… I take credit for such a cute baby.. =p



Nai Nai will always hold a very special place in the 2 girls’ hearts. That is exactly what we are thankful for every single day of our lives.


The fantastic 4 in my life. The gems of the family.


Happy birthday Mummy! We love you!


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